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The Dallas Mavericks defeat the Charlotte Bobcats... In other news, water is wet and grass is green

Well, that's 14 straight. 14 consecutive beatdowns that we've suffered against the Dallas Mavericks, 14 straight L's against this squad. What is it about the Mavs that completely baffles the Bobcats? Is it Dirk? Admittedly Dirkis a great player and a fairly awesome name. Who wouldn't want to name their son Dirk?

Maybe it's Jason Kidd. He is after all one of the greatest point guards in the history of the game and on top of that he has the the genetics that can produce an 8 year old sonthat is capable of growing a moustache... Someone like that is certainly a man to be feared.

The Mavs own us pure and simple. No need getting upset about it, lets just take our loss and move on.

Looking back at last night's game the one thing that pretty much eliminated any possible chance of us stealing this win was the overall horrendous shooting. Our starters were a combined 25-68 for a whopping 36.7%. Jax was 5-17 and Crash was 6-15. Boris had a strong first quarter with 11 points but mysteriously stopped shooting for the remainder of the game. Paul Silas has said on a number of occasions that he expects his players to take open shots when they are available, Boris must not have received the memo. For that reason if there is a trade that goes down between now and the deadline my money is on Boris being the guy leaving town (Crash second)

If there was a bright spot to be had from this game it was from Kwame Brown. He held his own against Tyson Chandler last night and was just  one point short of another double-double with 9 points (including 6-6 from the free throw line) and 10 rebounds in just 25 minutes. Kwamegeddon - Comeback player of the year?

Lets get this loss behind us and move on.

Next up the Boston Celtics on Monday... Apparently it does not get any easier. Where are the Cleveland Cavaliers when you need them?