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Preseason Game Thread: Detroit Pistons at Charl...

Oct 14 2014 06:30 PM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

Wednesday afternoon the Hornets face off with the Detroit Pistons At this time, we would like to thank Joe Dumars and the Detroit Pistons organization for helping us turn Corey Maggette into Ben Gordon and Noah Vonleh. For this transaction we will alw...

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Hornets interested in Greg Monroe

May 14 2014 11:01 AM | walkerisai in Detroit Pistons

I don't know how I feel about this but I saw it and thought I would share it with everyone. Sporting News: It’s possible that Charlotte will create enough cap space in the offseason to make a max offer to Monroe and pair him with Al Jefferson up front....

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Bobcats Yelling Like Humans

Mar 25 2013 03:45 PM | Blogcat in Detroit Pistons

The Heat is on. On the street. Inside your head. On every beat. Caught up in the action, the Bobcats were looking out for LeBron James and company on Sunday night, but they were unable to slow down the Miami force of nature that blew through them like...

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Bobcats Top Pistons in Overtime Thriller, Try t...

Jan 07 2013 06:11 AM | Kevin in Detroit Pistons

The Charlotte Bobcats have another chance to start a winning streak. It took overtime to get their ninth win of the year over the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night, but Kemba Walker and co. got it done and now sit at 9-24 as they prepare for a home date...

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Tanks For The Memories

Apr 14 2012 05:12 PM | Blogcat in Detroit Pistons

It doesn’t take Keith Olbermann to call this a countdown.  Nor does it take Beyonce, Rush, and T.I.  Nor would Europe be wrong in calling it the final countdown.  Perhaps even Megadeth wouldn’t be going too far in calling it a countdown to extinction. ...

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Bobcats Lose in OT, Despite What My Television...

Apr 02 2012 12:23 PM | Blogcat in Detroit Pistons

On Friday against the Nuggets, TV commentator Steve Martin announced that it was the 22nd time that Charlotte had allowed 50 points in the paint.  I was absolutely shocked to hear this—shocked that it had been only 22 times (the following night against...

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Detroit Offensive Rebound City

Mar 01 2012 04:41 PM | Blogcat in Detroit Pistons

Yuck.  After Wednesday night, I can honestly say that the only thing worse than the lockout has been the actual season.  The Bobcats were flayed by the Pistons—mostly due to Greg Monroe, who had a trillion rebounds, 750 billion of which were offensive....

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Sadly Bad: Bobcats lose to the Pistons 111-102

Apr 11 2011 01:39 PM | BRNC in Detroit Pistons

I had concerns about this Bobcat team from the first day of the season. When you see that an NBA team only has two legitimate starters on the roster, and one of those two players  is traded during the season, you have the makings of a frustrating campa...

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Charlotte Bobcats defeat the Detroit Pistons i...

Dec 28 2010 06:02 AM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

I wonder if Larry Brown watched the game?  If he did I would love to know what his thoughts were when he saw these very un-Larry Brownish things occurring on the court last night. Gerald Henderson being used in the starting lineup and playing 28 mi...

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Charlotte Bobcats fall victim to another slow s...

Nov 06 2010 06:16 AM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

Lets see if this sounds familiar to you.  The Bobcats fall down early by double digits to [insert opposing team name], Fight there way back into the game late in game behind hot shooting by [insert player name here] only to fall flat and fail in the cl...

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Bobcats / Pistons game notes

Apr 05 2009 07:41 AM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

This is a big BIG BIG game.  The pregame interviews show that the team knows it.  Need to close the gap with Detroit and get the tie-breaker in case of a tie with the Pistons to end the season. Cartier Martin makes the start.  My first thought is, n...

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6 straight wins & 1 game out of the 8th seed.

Mar 08 2009 09:10 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

We are in uncharted territory. Following last night's road win against the Knicks (see highlights below), The Bobcats are now 1 single game out of the 8th spot in the eastern conference.  This would have seemed unimaginable this time last season to tho...

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Charlotte Bobcats at Detroit Pistons preview 1/13

Jan 12 2009 07:42 PM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

If you take the win % of Charlotte and add it to the % of games won by Detroit you get .997.  Does that mean these two teams that will face each other tomorrow night at the Palace of Auburn Hill are polar opposites?  Charlotte at .368 and Detroit at .6...

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Aug 03 2008 12:15 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

Every good team in the NBA has an identity. Some teams are known by the offense they run. Phoenix under D'Antoni was known for playing uptempo small ball. The Lakers are known for the triangle offense. Jerry Sloan has been running pick and rolls ever s...

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As the Forum Turns 6/12

Jun 11 2008 07:56 PM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

Welcome loyal viewers readers to the first edition of As the Forum Turns. The goal of this series is to find the best, most enlightening or simpy the most absurd discussions that are happening in NBA fan forums. If you run across a good thread that you...

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Blogcat's Take, 5/30

May 30 2008 04:45 PM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

Since we’re in the college acceptance season, let’s do a sentence completion exercise…for fun! Here goes: the Celtics are to the NBA what violence was to The Sopranos. Think about it: when the Celtics are up, everyone’s impression of the NBA is up....

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Blogcat's Take, 3/20

Mar 20 2008 07:18 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

Although we lost decisively to Dallas, Houston, and Cleveland in rapid succession, I was still feeling pretty upbeat on Monday.  I was in a chipper, George Bush-ian mood—optimistic and cheerful despite the relentless stream of bad news....

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Blogcat's Take, 2/11

Feb 11 2008 05:18 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

“Unspeakable” is one of those dramatic “movie words” that characters in films and TV shows toss around with frequency, but it’s something that you rarely encounter in real life (by the way, “amnesia” is a...

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Blogcat's Take, 1/20

Jan 20 2008 10:28 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

The Bobcats went 1-for-2 against the West this weekend, as well as 1-for-2 in uniforms.  Saturday night was “NASCAR Night” at Bobcats Arena, a promotion that makes no more sense to me now than it did last year.  It’s pretty...

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Blogcat's Take, 1/14

Jan 14 2008 07:00 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

The last two games—both of which were consecutive heartbreakers—have left me strangely un-discouraged.  I’m not sure why; perhaps it’s because the level of pain technically decreased from the first one (a 2-OT defeat in Cle...

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Bobcats / Pistons / Referee screwjob linkage

Jan 13 2008 01:05 PM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

AOL Fanhouse - Bobcats may be next to file a protest PistonsNation Blog - Pistons win dog... 'er Cat fight in Charlotte  Have minutes, will produce: Nazr had a nice double-double outting in his first game against his former tea...

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Sunday Morning Linkage

Jan 06 2008 03:48 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

Bobcats linkage from around the web Sunday January 6th: Spurscenter.com - Sean May returns to the Bobcats... As Ballboy.  When asked if he knew Sean was on the roster, Vincent at first denied comment but added "You know, I saw him...

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Pistons 103, Bobcats 92: Blogcat's Take

Jan 25 2007 05:16 AM | ziggy in Detroit Pistons

Somehow the Bobcats ended up playing the Pistons on Wednesday night for the fourth time this season. I’m beginning to think the schedule-makers must be under the impression that we’re the Green Bay Bobcats or something. Either that or they...

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Bobcats 103, Pistons 96: Blogcat's Take

Jan 11 2007 05:19 AM | Guest in Detroit Pistons

Somehow, the Bobcats found themselves playing their third game of the season against the Pistons, despite the fact that we’ve only played some teams in our own division once. I don’t like to look at what’s ahead on the schedule (mostl...

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