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As the Forum Turns 6/12

Welcome loyal viewers readers to the first edition of As the Forum Turns. The goal of this series is to find the best, most enlightening or simpy the most absurd discussions that are happening in NBA fan forums. If you run across a good thread that you would like me to add to this series, then hit me up.

We'll start off todays episode with WTFDetroit. They are discussing if its time to ship off Chauncey Billups and hand over the starting PG spot to Rodney Stuckey.

At this point I believe the three guard rotation is the pistons best asset and shouldn't be broken up. Everyone else is expendable but that's the core you build around.

WTFDetroit is also discussing the merits of Chickopedia.com and wondering how the internet survived so long without it.

PacersDigest is trying to answer the question What is Pacers Basketball?

I've been thinking about this very issue since about a month before the season ended, and 2Cleva's right. I remember my Pacers of the 80's and 90's being a pretty solid, fundamental basketball team that relied on a motion offense. We had screeners and cutters and slasher. There was a pretty strong 3-pronged offense that put Rik Smits, Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson all on the map. If you doubled up on Rik, he'd kick the ball out to Reggie who'd drain the 3. If you defended Reggie well enough, he'd get the ball back in Jax' hands where he'd either get inside the lanes for the score or he'd find somebody else to do it. And Rik...what can I say. When the guy's feet weren't killing him he had some of the smoothest post moves I'd ever saw. And then there was toughness!

SpursTalk concludes that The NBA is fixed, and they are ready to place an * by The Lakers 2002 championship.... They're also trying figure out why Brits have such bad teeth.Tongue out

Here at BobcatsPlanet we have been discussing the merits of drafting Anthony Randolph, The demerits of Sean May eating Krispy-Kreme donuts, and witnessing the hilarity of Matt Carroll in MC Hammer parachute pants.


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