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Bobcats / Pistons game notes

This is a big BIG BIG game.  The pregame interviews show that the team knows it.  Need to close the gap with Detroit and get the tie-breaker in case of a tie with the Pistons to end the season.

Cartier Martin makes the start.  My first thought is, not a good idea.  Really though, who else are you going to play?  Go big with Diop and shift everyone up?  Go small with DJ and risk foul trouble for both of your PG's?  You could start Vlad but I don't like him guarding McDeyss.  Pretty much locks you into Cartier "What time is it?" Martin.

Detroit are a bunch of old guys, for real.  I mean can you remember any of these guys in their college days?  Probably some of us in the late 20s and up do but not many more.  Rodney Stuckey is young and he had a great year last year but the rest of them, yikes.

All the guys who were there in '04 came over to give Larry Brown some love.  Respect but come on let's get this game going here.

Quick start for the 'Cats but that's nothing new.  Finally stretching it to 10-2 followed by a 16-2 run for the Pistons.  Is this a scripted thing?  Easy baskets for Detroit, lots of dunks, lots of layups, lots of fast breaks.

Dontell Jordan, Jefferson, what's the kids name?  Enters the game for the first time all year.  And he immediately loses a pass out of bounds.  So, we are starting a Rookie former D-Leaguer and then our other rookie D-Leaguer gets early minutes?  Hmm, ok.

Down by 7 to end the first, not great.

The second unit is much younger.  Bynum, Rip, Kwame Brown, Aaron Afflalo, even Banana Hands is young.

Opening of the quarter the Bobcats start to get things going with Vlade getting in some passing lanes away from the Detroit basket.

Vlade is getting some serious PT.  I like it, he's really zoned in tonight.

Speaking of Zone, i think the Bobcats have been playing a zone defense.  This has helped them get some nice rebounds and get out quick in transition, leading to some easy shot attempts throughout the 3rd.

I do not like a 6pm start.  It screws up my whole eating schedule.

What was the whole development there at the end of the 3rd?  Away from the ball foul on Gerald, then they change their mind and call one on a Piston, i don't remember who, then Okafor goes to the line, misses both, then they come back from their 2nd commercial attempt with Rip Hamilton walking to the locker room and DJ Augustin shooting the tech.  Steve Martin tells us that it was a double tech one on Diaw one on Hamilton and that was Hamilton's 2nd.  But if it's a double tech, why is DJ on the line?

I don't mean to act a little aloof but come on, If Will Bynum is your guy scoring all the points in the 4th, you aren't going to win the game, sorry.

I wish Steve Martin would figure out what is going on.  "Offensive foul on Gerald, NO!  It's good!  Foul on Prince!"  Really nice drive by Gerald, I think Larry is exactly right (no suprise) when you drive to the basket, good things happen.

Diaw has found his 3 point shot.

I take it back.  Will Bynum is a freak, hitting crazy shots and drawing fouls.  Ray comes back and does the same thing.  Tossing up a shot that looks like it has no chance and then drawing a foul, I hate it when D-Wade does it but I love when Ray does.

Suddenly, the Bobcats decide they need to shoot threes or drive too deep and get blocked or make a bad pass.

Well Bynum with 20 points, Gerald has fouled out.  No one is hitting shots.

Tough, tough last 3 minutes.  Frustrating to say the least and you can just see the playoffs slipping away.  I think we must be cursed or something.  It sucks when the Pistons are basically handcuffed, AI is out, Sheed has been on the shelf for a while and ineffective tonight, but they find a way to win behind Will Bynum.

Everyone show up on Tuesday because that's the last game you get to see in person until next year.  Hang it up.  Lottery here we come...or did we trade that pick?