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Charlotte Bobcats defeat the Detroit Pistons in Paul Silas' debut

I wonder if Larry Brown watched the game?  If he did I would love to know what his thoughts were when he saw these very un-Larry Brownish things occurring on the court last night.

  • Gerald Henderson being used in the starting lineup and playing 28 minutes.

  • DJ Augustin taking long jumpers early in the shot clock

  • Matt Carroll playing meaningful minutes

  • Dominic McGuire getting a DNP-CD

  • Gana Diop taking and making jumpshots!!!

From the opening moments of the game you could see a stark stylistic difference between the Brown Bobcats and the Silas Bobcats. The players looked much more relaxed, they were hustling and their body language was significantly improved.

The win last night was good, but it wasn't all cupcakes, strippers, Bojangle's 2 piece meal deals and Konyak... There were a few unpleasantries that remained from the Brown era. The biggest of the problems was turnovers, Jax had 9 all by himself and Tyrus Thomas had 6 in just 22 minutes. This is an area that they are going to have to tighten up or it will outweigh any other positives that are introduced into the offense. Another issue that reared it's ugly head was the baffling issue that the Bobcats have with giving up a lead. The Cats were up by 23, but allowed the Pistons to whittle the lead down to 1 in the closing minutes. That cannot keep happening.

Al in all though, I'm glad for the win and excited about the team's performance. I'm very interested in seeing if this style holds up over the remainder of the season. As a fan, I sure hope that it does.

What did you think of Paul Silas' debut?

Next up, The Cleveland Cavaliers.


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