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Charlotte Bobcats fall victim to another slow start

Lets see if this sounds familiar to you.  The Bobcats fall down early by double digits to [insert opposing team name], Fight there way back into the game late in game behind hot shooting by [insert player name here] only to fall flat and fail in the closing minutes. I know that Larry Brown teams usually start the season slow, but this game (especially the 1st quarter) had a real Vincent-ish look to it. See for yourself.

On the bright side of things, there was the usual silliness in the BCP game chat. Here are a few snippets to prove my point.

11-05, 20:03     teej this is like the dallas game. detroit is hitting everything. theyre like tiger woods at a porn convention
11-05, 20:11     Maal Why do UCONN guys always kill us? Ray Allen, Gordon, Villinueva.....
11-05, 20:13     Bobcat Matt i have a sick feeling this is what the whole season is gonna be like
11-05, 20:20     teej we're playing like it's 2003. Ben Wallace and T-Mac were all stars, and DJ, Hendo, Livingston, UPS, and Tyrus were in HS or Middle School
11-05, 20:30     millst2 all i know is we took the summer off to forget how to play defense

Below is a brief sidebar discussion where we help Bobcat4Ever decide what to have for dinner and where I'm certain that we lost any and all possibility of ever getting a Papa John's sponsorship on this site:

11-05, 20:50  ziggy Last time I had Papa Johns, I thought I was going to have to check myself into a hospital the shits were so bad
11-05, 20:51  BIGCatBobcat so hows everybody doing tonight?
11-05, 20:51     CatNation 5 dollar hot n ready then use the 99cent crazy bread coupon you get with it
11-05, 20:51     Woody papa johns is shit
11-05, 20:51     BIGCatBobcat lovely, zig
11-05, 20:51     adam187 little caesars is the shit
11-05, 20:51     CatNation food for 2-3 meals
11-05, 20:51     Woody i'd take a digiorno over most pizza delivery places
11-05, 20:51     ziggy I wish you luck with that pizza :biggrin:
11-05, 20:51     teej well bigcat, the talk has been about firing larry brown, trading jack and having the shits. you tell me

When you're playing bad basketball, what is the one thing that you don't want to see? How about the team that swept you in the playoffs, the Orlando Magic coming into your building while you're traveling on the second night of a back to back. Last season the Bobcats had a tendency to play down to the level of the bad teams and up to the level of the good teams. If ever there was a need to up there level of play its tonight.

Do we have any chance versus the Magic?