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Sadly Bad: Bobcats lose to the Pistons 111-102

I had concerns about this Bobcat team from the first day of the season. When you see that an NBA team only has two legitimate starters on the roster, and one of those two players  is traded during the season, you have the makings of a frustrating campaign. Gerald Wallace was traded; and the other valid NBA starter, Stephen Jackson, has been hampered with a hamstring injury for weeks. Boris Diaw, the 'Cats starting power forward, shows up to play when he "feels" like it. Center Kwame Brown has shown solid games but still lacks consistancy. DJ Augustine has not proven himself, at least to me, to be a starting NBA point guard but more of a sixth-man back-up type NBA player. The result of this rather motley crew are home losses to other bad teams like the Pistons.

The Bobcats had another nice offensive game with the five "starters" scoring in double figures. But though they had a reputation as a "hard-working-blue-coller-defensive team", they've lost that reputation now. They allowed an arguably worse Detroit team to score 111 points on them at home. They let a "bad" Pistons team get more rebounds, score more points in the paint, get more fast-break points, and shoot 55.6% from the field. Charlotte was simply outplayed by a team many consider inferior.

The Bobcats are a miserable 6-15 in the last 21 games, reminiscent of their 9-19 start to the season. I think the start and finish are a pretty good indication of why this team is not going to the play offs, but back to the draft lottery. This has happened, start and finish, with two different Head Coaches so management really needs to scrutinize players and how the team strayed from its defensive strengths.

The Good: Solid offensive output.
The Bad: Poor defense.
The Ugly: Team free throw shooting 45% is not even youth ball worthy.
Next Game: The Bobcats versus the Nets, Monday, April 11, 7:00 pm EDT