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Bobcats Gonna Rain on You, Warriors!

Jan 15 2012 12:38 PM | Blogcat in Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson was deeply perturbed that his team lost to the Bobcats. "We didn't show up," Jackson said. "Somehow my guys didn't come out ready to play.”  C'mon, Mark, your team’s not better than that.  The Warriors have long...

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Overtime Victory For Bobcats at Golden State

Jan 29 2011 09:52 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Golden State Warriors

Stephen Jackson has rekindled his relationship with pressure, well when you do what he does to it, it may not be a relationship per se but hey, he did what he did to it and the Bobcats finished on top.  He also put on the belt.  In the way of first tim...

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Bobcats / Warriors Recap 12/21

Dec 21 2008 08:31 AM | Guest in Golden State Warriors

Bobcats/Warriors Wrap-Up  Ahh, the joys of being a Bobcats fan.  One night you see the most complete game put together by a Bobcats team ever in a 29 point blowout in Memphis; the next night, at home, we’re treated to a 7 point loss at t...

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Bobcats / Warriors Thoughts

Feb 02 2008 01:31 AM | ziggy in Golden State Warriors

Via BobcatsPlanet member - The Beagle  Random thoughts about the game: 1.  It's criminal that JD isn't geting any regular playing time.  Admittedly, he was playing against their bench, but he was working his ass off...

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Bobcats 98, Warriors 90: Blogcat's Take

Feb 04 2007 02:50 AM | ziggy in Golden State Warriors

It wasn’t exactly I Spit On Your Grave, but it was still pretty satisfying revenge: on Saturday the Bobcats reciprocated last week’s abomination to the Golden State Warriors with a 98-90 win. Both teams had played the night before—sor...

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Warriors 131, Bobcats 105: Blogcat's Take

Jan 28 2007 02:50 AM | Guest in Golden State Warriors

“After an emotional win last night,” commentator Matt Devlin said in the middle of the Bobcats blowout loss to Golden State, “you could see a game like this developing.” This game didn’t “develop” so much as it...

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