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Bobcats / Warriors Recap 12/21

Bobcats/Warriors Wrap-Up 

Ahh, the joys of being a Bobcats fan.  One night you see the most complete game put together by a Bobcats team ever in a 29 point blowout in Memphis; the next night, at home, we’re treated to a 7 point loss at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.  Something really didn’t seem right last night.  It felt like a total screw-job by the refs but that’s easy to blame.  The fouls were actually pretty even when you look at the box score.  23 fouls on GSW and 27 on the Bobcats.  It was the way they came and the deflating power of BS calls, at least from my seat up in the two one six.   

It was also Jamal Crawford.  Dude was hitting threes like it was his job, 5 for 8 on the night and 14 of 26 on the night on all FG’s.  Get this one 17 of 18 from the line.  Even though the fouls were close the attempts were not even close.  36 attempts for Golden State and 23 for the Bobcats.  The biggest difference was in the 3rd quarter.  9 attempts and 6 makes for the Warriors compared to 3 attempts and 3 made for the Bobcats.  Not only that but 5 three pointers for GSW and two for the Bobcats, yikes.  The quarter started with the game tied.  Bobcats jump out to a 5 point lead in the first 2.5 mins losing it in the next 3, never to see it again.  Down by 8 to start the 4th and 2 offensive fouls and 3 turnovers to start the quarter didn’t help at all.  Threes by Felton, Wallace, Diaw and Bell in the final 4.5 mins kept me there but when Okafor missed two free throws that could have made the game 103-106, it was time to go.   

Okafor not only missed 2 free throws he missed them badly.  The second shot, an air ball from what I could tell behind the basket and up 2 floors, drew boos from the crowd left in the arena.  It was pretty deflating really.  I’m not blaming Okafor or the refs and I don’t feel I could credit the win completely to Crawford’s 50 points.  It was combination all of it.  Momentum is huge in all forms of basketball but especially in an NBA arena in front of 13,000 paying fans.  There was no shot of the Bobcats getting it back in the 3rd or the 4th quarter.  It was too hard with the threes put up by Golden State and the fouls put on the Bobcats, valid ones and bs ones as well.  It was damn frustrating and I call BS on enough of the calls that didn’t go our way.  In my section, I heard quite a few people say if I was the coach I would be sitting in the locker room, I’d get tossed as well.  I’m not saying it’s on Larry Brown to swing the foul calls but when they dominate a game that much, one guy getting 18 attempts and the next highest was 11 (Gerald Wallace), I expect a little more.  There’s your difference right there, 17 points from the line for Crawford and 9 from Gerald and I can’t believe the calls for Crawford compared to the non-calls for Wallace.  It’s just not evident from the way they play on the eyeball test. 

Frustrating!  But props to Gerald for 26, Raja for 21 (finally) and a consistent award for Okafor and Ray for their 13 rebounds and 3 blocks for Okafor, 12 points too and 14 points 8 assists for Ray.  I want to know what the previous high for points against the Bobcats was, anybody?  Anybody?