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Bobcats / Warriors Thoughts

Via BobcatsPlanet member - The Beagle

 Random thoughts about the game:

1.  It's criminal that JD isn't
geting any regular playing time.  Admittedly, he was playing against
their bench, but he was working his ass off on the boards, great
passes, and he did well on Jackson when he was still in the game in the
3rd.  What a waste Sad

This is the best kind of loss you can possibly ask for; you can have
your "moral victories" and the inherent heartbreak that accompanies it,
but give me a good ol' ass kicking.  This was the least frustrating
loss since the Suns game earlier in the season.  It was apparent, we
wouldn't have won this game if we played good.  They were on, just like
last year; contested 3s or not, they were going in all night long, and
it was the 2nd qtr burst that combined with our offensive woes that put
it away.  Also, we have plenty of rest for tomorrow night's game.

It was a blast seeing the Nut (AKA Ryan Hollins) have a mini dunk fest
and get T'ed up for taunting after slamming over O'bryant so hard he
knocked him to the ground.  Was it classy? No.  Was it funny? Yes. 
Give me funny on a night like this.

4.  Despite the rest for our
starter's in the 4th, tomorrow night is probably going to be ugly. 
Raymond irritated his ankle again, and GW sprained his ankle also, so
it's likely we'll be without one of them, and highly possible will be
without both of them.   Sad

This season is crumbling before our eyes.  We're 11 under for the first
time this season (I'm pretty sure) and it'll be 13 under after this
trip is over.  I thought our guys could rise to the challenge, but it's
not going to happen apparently.  It's disappointing, but I'm okay with
it: the fact is we are a VERY flawed team with an even more flawed
coach.  Still....maybe we can reel off some wins once Boykins gets into
the flow, and then we should be right back in the chase, but there are
no expectation on my part.  I just want the guys to continue to bust
their hump, and not give up.

6.  I can't see the Warriors
getting into the playoffs this year at all.  They are such a flawed
team.  I'd "Box and 1" their asses, with the 1 being BD.  The box would
keep Ellis from getting to the basket over and over and over and over. 
I'd widen the box significantly so that you can close out quickly on
their wings Jackson and Barnes, and I'd invite them with the wide box
to look inside for their scoring, which they can't do against good
teams.  As long as you don't try to run with this team, you're good. 
They hate to play defense it looks like, and overplay the passing lanes
which makes them susceptible to being outmanned in the half court. 
They're a good team, and they're a great team when they're making their
shots, and when they play a poor defensive team, but they aren't that good.