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Game Thread: Charlotte Bobcats at Houston Rockets 3/24

We are 2 games out of 6th with 12 games to go. We neeeeeeeeeeed this win.

Monday night we have to deal with James Harden and Dwight Howard.

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But they have to deal with Kemba Walker and an Al Jefferson that has been averaging something like 74 kazillion ppg post All-Star break. I don't see anyone (Dwight included) being able to slow him down Monday night.

Do you guys think that we'll be getting a win on Monday night?


    Yes, I do.

    Howard gets frustrated and techs out in the first quarter after Al scores a season hugh in pts, boards, assists, but oddly, gets called for three walks and finds a peppermint in his sock.

    Harden walks 37 times but only gets called for two and shoots 2/29 for eight points but somehow inexplicably goes to the foul line nine times despite all his shots coming from the outside on ISO ball plays where he crosses folks up only to jack a 17 footer.

    Pat Bev gets served a warrant by Russell Westbrook's attorney and compounds things when he tries to act out a Green Hornet fantasy on Kemba.

    Asik decides he wants to be traded again at game time and ends up being traded for a server at Francesco's, Omer drops a pasta Provencal on his second order and mixes up orders later in the night but eventually is considered a good trade due to his reach helping out on turning on the ceiling fans at closing. Meanwhile, the server ends up doing quite well in his stead on the bench over at the cablebox but really struggles with the oversized shoes when standing up during time outs.

    Despite this, somehow the Rockets go to the line 12x more than they are even fouled, Jeremy Lin manages to shoot them out of the win in the end. Half of the Rox fans blame Lin for all that went wrong, the other half want to leave McHale in Charlotte. All agree that the Rockets were completely jobbed by the refs despite the disparity of free throws which favor the Rockets 2:1 yet they only shot jumpers.

    Meanwhile, Drexler and Steve Martin are in an intense battle for family name misuse and criscrossed stats.
    All meant in jest. I do hope we bring it though. I would love to see a massive game offensively from our big three and a great defensive effort, esp. from MKG & Biz. I want to see Howard as frustrated as he was against Biz in their first meeting.

    Howard back hurt Q for the game ,  if Henderson and MKG ware Hardon down  . We should have a decent chance . Blocking out and getting boards will be key.

    This team is more than Harden/Howard, they have a lot of guys that can really hurt us + they're a great 3pt shooting team.

    They're on a 3 games winning streak and they're only 1.5 games behind the Clippers. They play against us tonight, they host Philly on Thursday and then the Clippers on Saturday.

    They need this W as much as us, it's going to be much tougher than Portland and I don't see us getting this one. 

    Mar 24 2014 07:19 AM

    How long will it take for MKG to draw his first foul guarding Harden? <2 minutes? But in all seriousness, I reckon MKG takes Parsons and Hendo is on Harden, works for us better

    Last time we played Houston was Big Al's first game returning from his injury, Howard had one of his best games of the season, and still the game wasn't awful to watch (from a Bobcats' perspective). This time around however we're at full strength (and then some), and Dwight is questionable for tonight's game. Although we're still playing against a tough opponent, I consider this game an easy one compared to what lays ahead of us.

    The enemy's game thread -->  Link

    We're in great shape if they shut down Al Harrington!
    They are hilarious. They consider Big Al the Raptors version of Hakeem.

    Really think Clifford should look at running Al and Biz together this game. 

    Rockets' fans taking us seriously... that's a first.

    Zeller finished that quarter well.

    Finally got League Pass to work on my Xbox.  ^-^

    Just flipped the game on. Who has looked good so far?

    so that's what a physical PF looks like....neat.

    Just flipped the game on. Who has looked good so far?

    Harden is good.

    Terrence Jones is about to piss me off.  He picks tonight to act like he can play.  He's scowling like its game 7 out there.  Calm your tits dude.



    Biz needs to play more first team or we are going to get out physicalled. (not sure thats a word but no squiggly red so I'm going with it.)



    Cody having a good game too.  Springy out there.

    Coming out really lethargic this half. 



    He needed that one.

    Al with the fadeaway?

    If MKG was 7 ft. he would be one of the best players in the NBA.

    If MKG was 7 ft. he would be one of the best players in the NBA.


    Is it too late for HGH?

    absolutely impossible to know what a foul is in this game.  Horrible officiating for both sides.  Commish should be embarrassed

    Cody is managing to base all of his offense around put-back dunks.

    Is this what you get when the commissioner is coming to watch?