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Bobcats/Pacers/Roadtrip Preview

After last night's dominating win against the Suns at home and wrapping up a 4 game home stand that showed 3 wins and 1 last second loss, the Bobcats embark on a 5 game road trip Sunday night at Indiana.  The road trip, which I am pretty sure is the longest of the season, will take the Bobcats from Indy to LA then to Portland, Denver and Utah.  Of those teams only Indiana is out of the playoff picture (if the season ended today, which it doesn't by the way).  2 of those teams are division leaders and one, LA, has the highest win percentage .810.  Daunting to say the least but in my eyes the Bobcats are ready. 
Why does ESPN always bring up the Chicago Circus road trip or the San Antonio Rodeo road trip?  It's a long road trip, yeah, but every team in the league plays in the main arena for that city and the Circus comes to every town.  The only reason I bring up the circus is because it's awesome.  My birthday is Friday and if anyone has connections to get me free circus tickets you'll be my favorite person ever.  Best birthday ever was my 11th, when we didn't have hardly any money but my Dad got us tickets to the circus.  Anyway, this is Charlotte's circus road trip and the most frustrating one for me because it does that far west coast swing where I can not stay up late enough to watch even the tip off.  I know, pathetic right?  Old timer, turning the ripe old age of 27 Friday, can't stay up until 10:30 on a school night.  I'll try my best but man, it's going to be rough. 
The game against LA is the closest thing the Bobcats will see to a nationally televised game this year.  It's been voted as the "Fan Night Game" on NBA TV.  I don't get NBA TV but I'm thinking about it because man, ESPN and whatever Fox Sports is putting on the air do a horrible job of covering the entire NBA.  I'll say it, the Bobcats don't get the coverage they deserve.  You know what?  Not locally and not nationally but I'll bet that after this road trip, they might get a little more love.
Starting in Indiana isn't going to be easy, although it looks like it could be.  The Pacers' local news paper shows where they stand really well in this article.  Close games but they don't have a closer.  Danny Grainger is 4th in the league in scoring with 26.2 ppg, how is he not the guy?  They break it down the way any sensible person should.  It doesn't come down to closing but a pile up of plays throughout the game.  That makes sense but come on, if you're that close at the end of the game how do you not rise up at the end and win?  The Bobcats lately have certainly figured it out.  Over the last 10 games, only Orlando, San Antonio and what? Minnesota are better.  7-3 where those 3 are 8-2.  Quite a solid run. 
So let's see what these guys have really got, and for Pete's sake, somebody get me some Circus tickets for my birthday, please?


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