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Pacers / Bobcats recap 11/9

Via Edrow who attended the game last night

In the fourth quarter it came....like an unwanted stomach ache when
you're out on a date with a pretty girl. I knew it was going to happen.
The conditions were perfect. The Bobcats were fighting their way into
the lead. The Pacers had called a timeout to settle everybody down. The
Lady Cats came onto the floor...and then...."Like a Pony..Come
on...Like a Pony...It's alright!
". I'm sure everyone around me thought
that I was crazy b/c I was laughing so hard. That stupid song just
won't go away, I'm not even sure what the hell the guy is even saying.
Is it really "Like a pony"? Geez louiz!

Anyways, to answer
somebody else's question about J-Rich. No, GS didn't have any secret
information on J-Rich (IMO). He's had a two game slump, but it happens
to everybody. It's like finding your sea legs on a new, unfamiliar
ship. Once you get it, it doesn't go away. Once J-Rich finds his
stroke, it's gonna get narsty.

Okafor was an absolute monster
last night. As a fan, I enjoy seeing the Cats get defensive rebounds,
but I REALLY enjoy seeing them get offensive ones. Oaktown was all over
the place last night.

Matt Carroll has found his stroke, and I think we needed it last night. He had a couple of really good shots from outside.

love how Dudley plays. He seems to be really physical. We need somebody
like that. More importantly though, he's got that youthful fire in him.
I really dug how he tried to get everybody fired up.

Crash was a nightmare for the Pacers late in the game. It got to the
point where he was going to do what he wanted, and nobody was going to
stop him.

The crowd, although still too lean, was actually pretty enthusiastic and involved in the game.

All in all a good win for our guys.



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