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Preview: Indiana Pacers at Charlotte Bobcats 10/29/2010

This post is written with a heavy heart.  I will not be in attendance for Friday night's home opener versus Indiana.  I moved up north of Raleigh and gave up my season tickets.  I think this is the first home opener I've missed since I broke my leg back in '07.  A season which yielded some good seats because of the crutches.  Anyway, enough about me, let's start bashing people from the Middle!

Speaking of the Middle, great show.  I want to see Patricia Heaton with little to no clothes on for some reason.  Plus the Janitor from Scrubs is the Dad, can't beat that.  Anyway, assuming their characters a Pacers fans, I look forward to Brick, Sue and Axel crying themselves to sleep on Patricia's bosom Friday night.

Indiana comes into the game off a loss to the Spurs Wednesday night.  Led in scoring by Roy Hibbert, who knew?  I thought Ol' Roy (actually entering only his 3rd season) didn't have a bit of lift and had a bit of a time lumbering up and down the court.  Good for him.  Trouble for the Bobcats is, if the Spurs had issues containing him using Dejuan Blair (undersized), Timmay Duncan (old and not really a center), and Matt Bonner/Antonio McDyess off the bench, what are the Bobcats' bigs going to do with him.  We can only hope I was right and he's one of those old, young guys with minimal lift and a hard time getting from offense to defense and back.

Danny Granger was his usual self Wednesday night, putting up 26 points but on 10-19 shooting.  Odd stat on Danny, in the past 2 years, he scored 18 in the first meeting with Charlotte and 26 in the second....if he scores 18 tonight...cue the Twilight Zone music.  He averages 21.1 against the 'Cats in the past 4 years, right around his average of 20.85 (I throw out his rookie year, 7.5 PPG for this guy?  C'mon).  So Mr. Granger is likely to get his 20ish, don't know if there's any way around that.

I'm not worried about Granger, not so much worried about Hibbert either.  No sir, my big concern is the Pacers' major off-season acquisition Darren Collison.  He put up 19 points and 7 assists against Tony Parker and the Spurs.  Collison likes playing the Bobcats.  In his rookie campaign with New Orleans he scored 24 in both games against the 'Cats and that's with Raymond Felton, who everyone here thinks is awesome compared to the suck-pile that is DJ Augustin, right?

I am in a wait and see mode on Augustin.  He didn't play well on Wednesday night with the ageless wonder Jason Kidd and Juan Jose Other Latin Name Barea abusing the first year starter.  Larry Brown didn't utilize Sean Livingston as I thought he would, with DJ's lackluster performance.  Livingston played 14 minutes but didn't score and turned the ball over 3 times, don't piss off Larry by turning the ball over rubber-knee.

It seems like Indiana's coach Jim O'Brien is happy to have 3 guys and little else.  Jeff Foster and Psycho T didn't crack the rotation and the bench, hell as a whole they played 80 minutes and only scored 17 points.  Compare that to 96 and 32 for the Spurs...

All Indiana has are 3 guys, from the looks of this one game.  2 really good guys and Hibbert.  The Bobcats have Wallace, Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas which don't match up at all with the Pacers' 3 good guys.  So it'll be a slug fest between the rest of them.  I think you'll see almost a repeat performance of Wednesday night from each team as both begin the first night of a back to back with travel in between.  It might get ugly with the quickness.


Final Score:  Bobcats 93 - Pacers 89

Over/Under on Shots of Roy Williams in the crowd:  7

Surprise of the game:  DJ Augustin blows up, I don't think Collison plays defense.


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