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22 games left, 3 games out of 8th. Hope is still alive

Last night we defeated the LA Clippers to finish up our road trip 3-2. The Clippers were without their starting center Chris Kayman and outstanding rookie Eric Gordon, so this would have been a severe disappointment to let this very winnable opportunity slip by. Thankfully after some very choice words by Larry Brown, Emeka Okafor and rest of the Bobcats stepped it up and did what they needed to do against the Clips who were clearly outgunned.

Now we're only 3 games out of the 8th spot with 22 games left and we're sitting at 25-35. Will 39-43 get us in? That would take a 14-8 finish which is somewhat doable in my opinion with the way that we've been playing lately.

Next up are the Chicag Bulls on Tuesday night. I'm guessing that Derrick Rose will be looking for a little revenge after DJ Augustin lit him up nicely in their previous matchup. This is going to be a tough game, but its another one that we need to win if we're going to make up some ground and slide into that #8 spot.  Tuesday night should be fun.


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