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Bobcats News and Notes: 10/28

Hoopsworld - Bobcats' injuries don't alter their postseason expectations

It's a tough way to look at the situation because Sean is a nice
young talent and great young man, but it's the harsh reality of pro
sports. The Bobcats – no fault of Sean – are used to playing without
him and it's hard to believe they will miss him that much.

As for Adam Morrison – he will be a great player in this league. He
had a tough rookie year by any standards, but many great players have
stumbled in the beginning. Adam will be a stud, if he wants it bad
enough. However, you have to ask the question of how much he would have
been used this season.

Adam lost his starting job the moment the Bobcats acquired Jason
Richardson. The addition of Richardson allows Gerald Wallace to start
at the small forward spot unless Adam could've beaten him out for it –
something that wouldn't have happened this season.

120 Proof Ball - Gives their prediction for the Bobcats season

The Good News:  In a Summer that saw KG and Ray Allen
switch conferences, Rashard Lewis get a max deal, and Isaiah Thomas
successfully embarrass an entire state, the acquisition of Jason
Richardson by the Cats went fairly unnoticed.  But it might turn out to
be the coup of all the off-season deals.  He's the real deal, and plays
both ends of the court. Also, Argentine Walter "I have the least Argentine name ever" Herrmann is one the league's best unknown hustle guys in the mold of a David Lee or Jeff Foster.

The Bad News: 
The league's 4 worst defensive players (in this order) are Matt
Carroll, Vladimir Radmanovic, Adam Morrison, and Mike Dunleavy Jr. 
That means the Cats have half of the league's bottom 4 defenders, and
you could make a case for Primoz Brezec.  That is scarily bad.  Sean
May, who bears a striking resemblance to Homer Simpson with more
pigment, is done for the year after three Butterball Hams and some
micro fracture surgery.

Fearless Forecast:  Okay,
so it's not totally fearless if you qualify it, but Emeka Okafor will
lead the league in blocks AND win the award for Best Defensive Player. 
That is, of course, if he can keep is dodgey back healthy.  Which is
about as likely as us keeping our dodgey livers unBacardi-saturated. 

 Money from the parking lot -  Former Bobcat Brevin Knight is not endearing himself to the Los Angeles Clippers coaching staff.

The Clippers have completed their five day training camp, and have
one item of fairly bad news to show for it. According to the LA Times and the OC Register,
Coach Dunleavy is upset that freshly-inked point guard Brevin Knight
reported to camp out of shape. Dunleavy had some extremely choice words
for Knight, which to a large extent speak for themselves. From the

“He came in and we started running and he wasn’t ready
for it,” Dunleavy said. “I’m disappointed in his conditioning. A
veteran player, you’d think he’d come into camp ready to go. I hit him
pretty hard yesterday and I think he knows I wasn’t happy with it.”

Knight, who signed a two-year deal this offseason worth a reported
$4 million, fired right back at his new coach, saying to the Register:

“Mike can say what Mike wants to say. But when it comes
time to play the games, I’m ready to play. When the games start and I’m
not ready to play, then now we have a problem.”

Not to be the bearer or bad news Brevin, but I think we have a problem already.