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Bigcat returns from a 2 week bender

Listen, hey, hey, listen...the umm Charlotte Boobcats (get it? Boob?), listen, they pissed me off.  But then they made me happy again.  Yay, Bobcats!  Man, how could you lose to the T-Wolves and Indy and Washington in the span of a week?  I mean come on, serious, be real Bobcats.  I'm not, I'm not, excited about writing a blog for a team that loses to those kinds of teams at this stage in the sea - shut up, sheason.

Ok, I started that yesterday at lunch as a joke but really, today at 10 am, I haven't been able to shake the cobwebs.  My head is killing me, I've got that awful bubbly stomach that can only come from drinking 6 different types of beer and my head hurts.  It's a rough one this morning but it's all worth it.  As the "Bobcat Guy" in my office, I was congratulated this morning like I had something to do with the Bobcats' 94-84 victory over the Lakers.  "You know, I really was thinking, haven't the Horn -err Bobcats beat the Lakers a lot?"  Yeah they have and we all know the Lakers are great, so it is a big deal.  Bigger than that was the playoff type atmosphere in the arena.  That game was so fun to watch and I was out of my seat for probably 2/3 of the time I was in the arena, high fiving, hugging, jumping, heck, I kissed an old lady at one point (unrelated to the game, just had to get that off my chest).  I think the game started out with some pretty heavy support for the Lakers but towards the end, I think the 'Cats may have just converted a few.

They're in the hunt for the 8th spot.  I was checking scores on my Blackberry on the way down the escalator and shouting out "Chicago Lost!  Detroit Lost!" and a whole bunch of people where hooping and hollering at that news.  Sure there were the Charlotte area "too cool for school" crowd that looked at me like, "We have places to be.  Somehow your shouting is slowing things up."  You know what I'm talking about but more than that there were a whole lot of happy people.

MJ was in the building and his phat Ferrari was parked outside of Epicenter.  A buddy of mine and I actually saw him coming out of Flemmings and going into Black Finn.  All we could slur at the moment was "THANKS YOOOU."  When you have that guy on the end of the bench going nuts in the fourth quarter, it changes things for your team.  Waiting in the line to get through security you could hear people who generally don't go to Bobcats games saying "Do you think Jordan will be here?"  I heard the best response from one guy: "Oh yeah, for sure he'll be here.  Pretty much anyone who is anybody in Charlotte will be here tonight.  Think of any famous person you know in Charlotte, they're going to be here tonight."

I couldn't begin to break down the actual game ("Rock the Rooftop + BigCat's Seats being at the top of that section = easy beer access) but I'll give you my general thoughts.  Our guys came out with energy, good solid play, crisp passing and really good defense.  The Kobe Stopper was in full effect.  Okafor had some nice dunks.  Diaw had some really good looking tight passes, but he was missing shots again and some of these passes down low to Okafor and Diop really have to be catered to that particular player.  In other words, those guys have rocks for hands.  There is no finesse on the receiving end so I don't know you have to mail it to them hand deliver.  Anyway, I liked the way Ray and DJ played towards the end, defense and offense.  Radmanovic played well, and we saw Shannon Brown but not Adam Morrison, so I think that trade worked out.  Diop played some good minutes against Pau Gasol.  I mean when you shut down Kobe, contain Gasol and limit Lamar Odom a bit, you've got the Lakers beat.  I think Larry, who says he watched and enjoyed basketball over the year and a half that he was not coaching, watched a good bit of the Lakers and our gameplan and execution just worked.  Again.

A buddy of mine and I went out to Epicenter, as I said and at Wild Wing, which had horrible service by the way, a whole lot of 'Cats fans were still jacked up and a whole lot of Lakers fans were saying how they couldn't believe it and as much as I wanted to talk junk, I couldn't.  They are solidly contending every year, but we have their number and NOW we have some buzz going in this city.  That's all you need to get butts in the seats and beer in their hand.  Buzz and a good product on the floor.  It's happening and will continue and I really hope it goes all the way to a 7 game series.