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Bobcats -vs-Lakers Highlights / Andrew Bynum is a goon

It was a great win last night by the Bobcats. Raymond Felton was one assist away from a triple double, Boris Diaw was one assist and one rebound away from a triple double and the Bobcats defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in double OT.
In all honesty, the Bobcats could have punched the Lakers ticket in regulation if they could have connected on their free throws or if Andrew Bynum didn't have a WWE moment, slamming his elbow into Gerald Wallace's ribcage.
There is no question that this was a clear cut case of goonishness from Andrew Bynum. Bobcats fans are displeased about it.
The only question that I have is will the NBA step up and suspend one of their beloved Lakers for a game or two for an obviously dirty play? I doubt it.
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In the post game interviews in the Laker's locker room. About the only credit that Lakers could give the Bobcats was that they were "scrappy" and that they "hustle". Code words for "I can't believe that we got our asses kicked again by the Bobcats".
A note to the Lakers and the rest of the NBA. These are not the Bobcats that you've grown to know and love over the past 4+ years. This is a team that can walk into your arena, overcome the adversity of missing free throws, losing their top scorer, deal with referee home cooking, and still take the win.


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