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Examining Andrew Bynum's Goon History

Last night Andrew Bynum punched another ticket on his goon card with this absurdly cheap shot on the 5'2"  118 pound J.J. Barea. I have no problem with hard fouls, but if you are going to dish one out, then man up and do it in game one of the series to give the Mavs a chance to retaliate. Don't do it when you are down by 30 in game 4 on your way to getting swept.

Lets take a closer look at Andrew Bynum's goon history.

Against the Timberwolves this season, Bynum delivered that same elbow to the ribcage against Michael Beasley. Beasley went down hard, but fortunately he was not hurt.

I'm sure that all Bobcats fans remember the job that Bynum did on Gerald Wallace a few years back? If not, take a look.  Gerald Wallace suffered a collapsed lung and cracked ribs as a result of Bynum's signature move ( The elbow to the ribcage).

Since this is clearly a pattern and Bynum had the nerve to unleash his goon card during the NBA playoffs, it would not surprise me a bit to see David Stern suspend him for the first 10 games of next season.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Bynum?