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What do the Charlotte Bobcats and Bart Simpson have in Common?

I’ll give you three guesses, but if you need more than one then you must not follow the NBA or watch FOX on Sundays (or any other day thanks to syndication; love them reruns). What’s the answer? Easy—

Low expectations.

Whether you are the optimistic or pessimistic type it is kind of hard not to agree with that. Coming into this season it was pretty easy to see that this season was likely going to be a rough one for the guys. While all the young talent is something to be excited and encouraged about, the team has no definitive leader or focal point.

The good thing is that in time a leader can develop. The problem is going to be in figuring out whom it will be and how long will it take for him to step up. Hence the theme of the post—low expectations (go ahead comedians let me have it).

I would not want to do this often, and I’m glad it is happening in a strike shortened season, but I don’t mind having a year like this. It may sound crazy, but hear me out a little.

Whenever fans of teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and Dallas Mavericks watch their teams play they expect wins. When they get one, since it was expected, they don’t get that much of an emotional high.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m sure they love to win and it makes them happy. I am trying to contend that the emotional high they get is minimal due to past expectations while the emotional low they get from losing is tremendous.

Take a team like the Charlotte Bobcats and it is a bit different. Should the team lose, since we expect it, we react in more of an ‘oh well’ kind of manner; it doesn’t really hit us that hard at all since we didn’t figure the team would win anyway.

Now on the chance that we win the emotional high is much more intense than what fans of those ‘other’ teams get to enjoy. We’ll appreciate it much more than they will and will likely be able to ride the metaphorical high a lot longer (at least until the next loss).

I’m not crazy—honest. I’m not one of those fatalist types that digs losing just so he can really enjoy that rare win. As a blogger focused on a professional sports franchise I can tell you that it much easier to find topics on winning teams than it is losing teams (I worked on a Colts site this past football season; talk about tough).

What I am counting on is the future.

Since the expectations are so low, as long as Paul Silas can make this team better by season’s end he’ll keep his job. Benching Boris Diaw is a good start; trading him for something—anything—better would be a good finish.

I don’t mind that he is tinkering with the lineup so much either. Since the team is going to be in a rebuilding phase essentially all year he should experiment and see what works best and who works best with whom.

I especially like the recent announcement that young Bismack Biyombo will play at center. I know the kid is raw as heck, but what better way to get him up to speed than by throwing him in the fire. With the expectations as low as they are it will be okay that he has a bad game here and there. The kid has to learn and making mistakes are a part of that process.

Kemba Walker has a few starts under his belt now. He has come back down to earth some since his 23 point night against Golden State, but that’s okay. Once again, it is part of the learning process.

If the youth on this team is able to gel then the Bobcats stand to be a good team for years to come (the key being IF they gel). In the meantime guys just give it your best every time you hit the court. We can live with it—for now.