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Being Envious of the Memphis Grizzlies

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I commented on this in our forums yesterday, but I typed a sentence that from the beginning of time through about 2 weeks ago has likely never been typed before. Here goes:

I am envious of the Memphis Grizzlies and their organization

There, I said it. It's out of my system. The Grizzlies have managed to take out one of the two premiere franchises of the last 15 years... And they did it with their best player (Rudy Gay) out of the playoffs with an injury. They were younger, faster and quite a bit more physical than the San Antonio Spurs for the majority of the series. Their win was not a fluke.

They have young talent with Mayo, Conley, Gay, Gasol and defensive stopper Tony Allen ( hmmm, does he remind you of anyone in particular) . They are not in contract Hell, they play with energy and with the return of their best player next season they are certainly a team on the way up.

As a Bobcats fan, it would be an amazing experience to be in the position that the Grizzlies are in right now. But for now, I'll just have to settle for being envious.

Any other envious people here?