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Bobcats / Grizzlies Recap 12/20

Bobcats @ Grizzlies 12/19/08 Recap 

What a complete victory?  Top to bottom just a beat down of an inferior team.  I can say that tonight after such a huge win, I mean come on have you seen the box score?  25, 26, 22 from Mek, Diaw and Wallace respectively.  Raja was all over Mayo, first to hold him under 10 ever in the NBA.  The PG’s with 18 total assists.  Ajinca came in for some garbage minutes (under 4 total) scored 6 points on 3-4 shooting.  The whole team was .658 from the field.  Rebounds were 41 to 23!  Just complete domination on both ends and a complete victory, not much else I can say.   

Memphis does not impress me.  They are so young and inexperienced and don’t seem like they can run a play or something.  Mike Ivaroni has his work cut out for him.  The team leaders are Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo, possibly the worst sports combo name in existence.  The Gay-Mayo combo looks like a joke from strange wedding couples or something Leno would do.  I know that’s mean and you shouldn’t make fun of people’s last names because seriously, unless they want to change it to something like Ocho Cinco you can’t do anything about your last name.  That’s a very Berman thing to do.   

DJ Augustin is a huge bright spot on this team.  I know consecutive games of him playing well and the other high draft pick, Mayo and previously Rose, not playing well, is going to get things going on the ROY talk.  My buddy DJ didn’t get the points but he did play well.  2 points 10 assists but 5 turnovers.  I was trying to remember the last Rookie of the Year that was a PG and forgot about one of my least favorite players: Chris Paul.  According to this: Paul, the fourth overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, averaged rookie highs of 16.1 points, 7.8 assists, 2.24 steals and posted 21 double-doubles to lead the Hornets to a 20-win improvement over last season.  Previous to tonight’s game, DJ is averaging 13.9, 4.5 and .6 steals.  The 10 assists will help but 2 points and 0 steals won’t help.  Dude is 4th among rookies in scoring and 2nd in assists.  He’ll be fine, I’m not saying he’s leading the race for ROY but a couple more 25+ nights and we need to get a chant started.  How do you chant Rookie of the Year?  Or ROY?   

I look forward to tomorrow night against Golden State.  They got handled tonight in Atlanta, losing 115-99.  5 of the Hawks finished with double figures lead by Marvin Williams’ 22.  I see Diaw and Okafor going off again tomorrow night.  Those two seem to be finding a rhythm.  Brandan Wright was one of GSW’s high point men tonight but I doubt he’ll do the same tomorrow.  Marco Belinelli had 27 but Bell isn’t tired from chasing around the likes of Mayo and Gay.  Let’s get a roll going here ‘Cats.  I need it after this week of traffic and shopping hassles.  Seriously, have you seen it out there?