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BobcatsPlanet Top 10 Weird Searches for February '08

Some of you folks really frighten me.

While browsing through my February stats I felt that I really needed to share some of the truly weird searches that people use in order to get to BobcatsPlanet. So without further ado, here is our top 10 weird searches for the month of February. 


1. Jason Kidd's Son - OK, The kid has a big head. I understand that. Granted its a head that has its own gravitational pull, but who knew that so many people were searching for it that it would actually be one of our top 10 searches for the month of February. I sure hope that kid grows into that dome.

2. Gay Video - two drafts ago there was a ton of discussion on our site on whether the Bobcats should draft Adam Morrison, Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay. In those months leading up the draft, we made hundreds of forum posts discussing Rudy, as a result we get a surprising amount of traffic each month for people searching for "gay whatever". On a side note, I would love to see what some of the keyword search traffic looks like at Memphis Grizzlies blog 3 Shades of Blue. I bet its interesting to say the least

3. Spanking Youtube - Sigh... Thats the last time I put "Brand Spanking new Youtube Video" in a post title.

4.  Man rules about friends sister - I have an idea of what the guy that entered this search phrase has in mind. My advice is Dude, don't do it.

5. vaginal infection - I really, REALLY don't want to know. 

6. what knee injury have i got - My recommendation to this searcher would be to back away from the computer and get your ass to a hospital. Google can't give you the answer to everything. 

7. chickenfat shots knee - Hmmm, maybe that explains what happened to dude's knee.

8. How to avoid psychotic headaches -  I wonder if Sam Vincent was the one that made that search???

9. What is Jessica Biel's Butt workout? -  Jessica, if you get that information to us, we'll get it published.

10. games on lady driving buses - Huh, What?!?