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Charlotte Bobcats / Memphis Grizzlies recap 1/22

Bobcats beat Memphis cause that's what they's supposed to do.  What?  You want a cookie?
It took a while, long game it felt like.  Seriously, games like tonight need to just be run and run and run time out, run, halftime, run run run timeout, run some more, game over.  Bobcats win by 17 but man this game dragged out.  Turnovers, sloppy play, missed lay-ups, questionable foul calls, it just wore on me.  So did the 35 lbs of clothes I had on.  It's cold but man and I have some kind of sinus thing going on and I'm scared to get cold, so I sweat during most of the game.  Sorry to sound like an old Jewish lady, "My son, the doctor, tells me this time of year is the worst, just the worst for colds."  Anyway, Bobcats starters played well, the bench however only accounted for 16 points.  Coach Brown said on the radio after the game something to the effect of, "Yeah, it's on me to make the bench work.  I left Gerald out there (LB's quote: I just want to mention here that Gerald's all around game is getting better and better.  He keeps playing this way and he'll be piling up the triple doubles in no time) I don't know, I wanted to leave Raja out there, not that I don't trust Shannon to guard Mayo..."  Then he trails off into his LB stream of consciousness drumming his fingers on the table and making everyone's mic go nuts.   
Listen, the Bobcats are playing pretty well, however they need to get more out of the bench and cut the turnovers.  All I want is consistent scoring out of Adam Morrison and no fall off on defense from Gerald, Raja and Mek to Shannon, Diop and whoever our back-up to Gerald is.  I guess we don't do a line change, like the coach at my alma mater did.  The rotation hasn't given itself, no one off the bench has really shown what they want to do on a consistent basis.  All I ask is consistency, but lo, this is the NBA.  Injuries, match-ups, attitude and the constant drive of the schedule does not help with gaining consistency.  Nights like tonight should be where you hone your bench's confidence but it wasn't to be.  
4 ties in the first half and a scare or 3 in the 3rd quarter didn't allow Larry to sub in his bench and let the guys get a good run.  While I'm dwelling on the bench and their lack of help, I forget that DJ Augustin is out and has been for the last 3 games and probably will be out for 2-3 more.  DJ brings something big off the bench and probably replaces whatever starter is having the worst night, as the 'Cats go down the stretch in games.  I don't think he can single handedly keep the starters rested but he takes the 6th man role and responsibility off of Adam Morrison, which frees him up to be the shooter we need him to be.  I see the joy of LB's 2 PG system now.
So yeah, I had a lot of time to think while BS fouls were being called, balls taken out of bounds, calls argued, and layups were being missed, tonight.  I just hope that Friday will bring good things against a "good" team in the west.  I use "" because any team that loses to the Knicks can't be that good.