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How OJ Mayo could slide to the Bobcats at #9

Via longtimeBobcatsPlanet member BIGSLAM

1: Bulls = Beasley
2: Heat = Rose
3: Wolves = Randolph
4: Sonics = B.Lopez
5: Grizzlies = Love
6: Knicks = Bayless
7: Clippers = Gordon
8: Bucks = Gallinari
9: Bobcats = Mayo
10: Nets = Batum
11: Pacers = Augustin
12: Kings = Westbrook
13: Blazers = Budinger
14: Warriors = Greene
click here for Slam's full mock 

Heres his take on how the slide could happen:

Every year, someone slides. It's just the nature of the draft. B.Wright was said to be a lock for the 3rd pick last year and he slide to #8. Rudy Gay was tossed around as a potential 1st over all the year before and he also fell to #8.

I think that some GM will fall for a Jordan/McGee/Love/Speights/Authur type and their size combined with a soild workout and predraft measurements.
I think that Mayo might be the kid to slide this year. His "baggage" issues had been all but earased - then all of a sudden the story breaks last week that he might have accepted cash etc from USC to play there, violating NCAA rules. Once again, his character is brought into question. This "might" turn some GM's off. That and the fact that all of the teams above us (except for the Clipps) have other pressing needs other than a SG makes me think he might fall.

Bulls - Have Gordon (and wont pass on Beasley/Rose anyway)
Heat - Have Wade (and wont pass on Beasley/Rose anyway)
Wolves - Have Foye (and need someone to help/compliment Big Al)
Sonics - Have Durant (who they foolishly play as a SG)
Grizzles - Have Miller (and need a big to round out their starting 5)
Knicks - Have Crawford (who is JUST like Mayo - and they need a PG)
Clipps - The danger team
Bucks - Have Redd (and need a SF)
Bobcats - Have Swish (but we all think he's a better SF than SG)

See what I mean?

BTW - The Knicks are a team who I think might reach for someone like Jordan, which woulld still help us. They have Curry and Randolph (a horrible pairing) and need a defensive stopper/rebounder. Enter Jordan.
If that DID happen, look for the Clipps to draft Bayless which would really help Mayo fall to us.

Make sense?