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Miami Heat

Charlotte Bobcats Lose to the Miami Heat

Jan 04 2011 10:57 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Miami Heat

Just like the rest of the league.  In their last 20 games, the Heat and the Lebronettes are 18-2, the two losses being to Dallas, who, if not for the recent woes, would probably be considered second best in the league.  I had no rose colored glasses fo...

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Top 10 reasons the Charlotte Bobcats will defea...

Nov 18 2010 05:20 AM | ziggy in Miami Heat

Compiled from one of our distinguished forum threads, I present to you the top 10 reasons that the Miami Heat are going to get their collective behinds kicked on Friday night. 10 - We have 4 days off to rest and prepare- nazsquad 9 - The Cats wer...

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Bobcats start strong and smother the Heat (104-65)

Jan 20 2010 06:47 PM | BRNC in Miami Heat

The Miami Heat vs. the Charlotte Bobcats 1/20/10 A new franchise mark, for largest margin of victory, was racked up against the Miami Heat (39 points). This team continues to set new franchise marks. With this win they extended the record for consec...

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Is it All Over?

Apr 04 2009 07:34 AM | ziggy in Miami Heat

I'm hurting. I'm not taking it personally but I am hurt. I have to think the Bobcats are way out on their hope to make the playoffs. All those away games coming up and 2 straight, heartbreaking losses, I have to start thinking, this might not be it....

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Charlotte Bobcats / Miami Heat Recap... We got...

Dec 09 2008 06:32 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

Are you ready for some......BASKETBALL!  Charlotte, tonight, is the host of Monday Night Football.  Big game with the Panthers and Buccaneers battling for supremacy in the NFC South, first round bye and possibly, if the Panthers were to...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/24

Mar 24 2008 05:21 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

Forgive me, O Spirit of Matt Devlin, for I have sinned: I didn’t watch the Miami-Charlotte game on Saturday.  I have no excuse, either.  It was on, I was home, but I just couldn’t do it.  And to be honest, I don’t know...

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Blogcat's Take, 11/29

Nov 29 2007 10:57 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

When we last saw Miami, they shot 38% and had Pat Riley contemplating suiting up for the first time in 31 years. That was two weeks and 20 percentage points ago. On Tuesday they had Dwyane Wade back in the lineup and their performance ratings rose fast...

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Bobcats 92, Heat 82: Blogcat's Take

Apr 11 2007 01:20 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

A ton of personnel matters to report.  First, no Shaquille O’Neal in the lineup for the Heat, because he was attending to family issues.  This had to be music to Primoz Brezec’s ears, because last game Shaq manhandled Primoz the w...

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Bobcats 111, Heat 103 (OT): Blogcat's Take

Apr 09 2007 12:51 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

The Bobcats traveled to Miami on Sunday night to take on the Heat.  The big news was that Dwyane Wade, the game’s most exciting foul shooter, returned to the lineup!  My initial reaction was: Hmm, playing an expansion team of nobodies,...

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Heat 113, Bobcats 93: Blogcat's Take

Feb 06 2007 08:49 AM | Guest in Miami Heat

The Bobcats traveled south on Monday to take on the Heat, easily Miami’s most impressive group of performers since the Sound Machine. Miami was down a couple of regulars, as Jason Williams was out with an injury, while future Hall-of-Famer Gary P...

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Random Stupidity: 1/16/2007

Jan 16 2007 01:13 PM | Guest in Miami Heat

Former Charlotte Bobcat Jason Kapono is finally getting some playing time with the Miami Heat because of James Posey and Antoine Walkers Krispy-Kreme habits and he is making the most out of it . Gilbert Arenas' swag has reached legendary proportio...

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