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Can the Bobcats Extinguish the Heat?

Before I begin my first post for Bobcats Planet I just wanted to say that I am thankful for this opportunity and am looking forward to posting on the 'Cats throughout the season. I've followed the team since its initial season and feel that it is finally heading in the right direction after years of poor decisions. I'll save that rant for another time. Let's get to tonight's game against the red hot Miami Heat.

The Bobcats (1-0) take on the Heat (2-0 at 7 pm. tonight at Time Warner Cable arena. Charlotte is coming off a nice win over the Milwaukee Bucks this past Monday. In a season where the Bobcats are expected to lose much more than they are expected to win, it will be important to enjoy games like the Bucks one. Milwaukee will probably be a playoff team--seventh or eighth seed at best--but the Heat will be a playoff team. Led by LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, the Heat are a ferocious force that can be unstoppable.

For the Bobcats to stand a chance they are going to have to keep the Heat from getting out in transition. Miami is at its best when on the run, as James and Wade are two of the best players in the NBA in the open court. In order to slow the Heat's attack you can expect Paul Silas to throw a zone at Miami to try and force them into taking long jump shots. The Heat struggled last night when Boston played zone and it allowed the Celtics to get back into the game. It would be wise for Charlotte to go to sooner much earlier in the game than Boston did, but hey, NBA coaches don't always make obvious decision.

In all honesty the only reason that the Bobcats have a chance to win this game is because it's at home and the Heat are playing their third game in three days. Besides that the Bobcats are going to be overmatched by a much more talented team. If the Bobcats are going to win they are going to have to limit turnovers, rebound and play efficient basketball on the offensive end. This is the type of game where Charlotte may need a monster performance from someone to even have a chance to win. Kemba Walker may have to go Cam Newton on the Heat in order to deliver the Bobcats their second win of the season, and dare I say first place in the division?

3 things that need to happen tonight

  1. Give Bismack more minutes--In six uneventful minutes, the Bobcats' seventh overall pick failed to register a positive statistic. Biyombo is clearly a project and needs to polish his game in many areas, but he won't be able to do that until he is given playing time. Growing pains are going to be apart of the process, yet with Tyrus Thomas out there's no reason the athletic forward shouldn't receive more playing time.

  2. Play Kemba and D.J. together--Like I said earlier, Charlotte needs to play zone in this game which will allow for Augstin and Walker to share the court together. It was a little disappointing see Walker only receive 21 minutes against the Bucks when it's clear he's already one of the team's better players. That should change against Miami.

  3. Control the tempo--The Bobcats are going to want to get out and run this season but that may not be the case tonight. Miami is at its strongest when James and Wade are flying down the court. If the Bobcats are to win they are going to have to slow down the tempo and play a half court type of game.