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Charlotte Bobcats / Miami Heat pre-series discussion

Coulda/Shoulda is done. We finished over .500 and get to play the role of giant slayer on national TV.

Let's get it on!


    First game Sunday 3:30 on ABC. Sucks we were so close to drawing Toronto, but it's hard to be too upset. Hell of a season. Since I'm biased I'll say we grab a game at home and lose in 5.
    We're on national tv !!!!
    We can lock this and use dnbman's
    We got this!

    We're on national tv !!!!

    In many seasons past I would have been happy with ANY TV! 

    We got this!

    Im rolling with this attitude right now
    Apr 16 2014 09:35 PM

    might win one or two games. 

    We might still play Toronto… in the second round!

    High Upside
    Apr 16 2014 10:09 PM

    We HAVE to win a game.

    Apr 16 2014 10:10 PM

    Heat sweep us and win all games by 15+ points.





    Realistically I'm thinking well win one or two games.

    I'm leaning toward we win 2...just a gut feeling by the way our guys have played these last games. They've been very good in crunch time.

    DNB...you've really nailed it for me...we finished over .500. The guys did not back into the playoffs they won their way in...great season...guys are great...and we finally have a coaching staff. Makes me feel all warm-and-fuzzy. I'm looking forward to the playoffs and the Hornets!

    Welcome to  Hornetsplanet  SpiderHornet   ,  The team showed tonight  how physical and tough minded they are .    The Heat will have to step up their game quite a bit to sweep us. I don't think they will have enough energy ever night to sweep us . This team has by far passed my expectations . And ever game hear on out is with house money .  Relax and kick some Heat AZZ. Will be interesting  watching  those Heat Bandwagon fans in the cable box . We ran the Bulls ass out the arena tonight . With our fans claiming home court. Lets do the same to the freaking Heat.

    let's go charloooooooote. i think it's the first time charlotte will be on abc, or not? 

    We ran the Bulls ass out the arena tonight . With our fans claiming home court. Lets do the same to the freaking Heat.

    now I'm down with this.
    @Rufus_On_Fire: Cats v Heat: G1 April 20 @ MIA 3:30 ABC. G2 April 23 @ MIA 7:00 TNT. G3 April 26 7:00 ESPN. G4 April 28 7:00 TNT


    Is this the first ever Bobcats game on ABC?

    My heart wants to say we win the series.



    Every single stat that has ever been accounted for says its an easy sweep for the Heat. 






    I eat far too much bacon to trust my heart. 

    Apr 16 2014 11:47 PM

    I think the team will put up a good fight but lose games due to Lebron getting calls & Bosh hitting a couple of LUCKY threes at the worse time. So I think the series will go 5 games. But I would love to see the Cats pull off one of the BIGGEST upsets in NBA history. Charles Barkley would fall out of his chair.  :paddle:

    Bobcats keep the scores close, MKG focuses on LeBron and nothing but LeBron the entire series playing magnificent defense.  Al eats the Heat's interior defense alive, leaving Birdman on the bench often.  Kemba keeps dishing them out, while Neal, Zeller, and even Biz provide us with very good bench play on both sides of the court.  Unfortunately, LeBron is still LeBron and Bosh's ability to stretch out gives him quite a few threes for the series, but the Cats don't go out easy pushing the series to 6 games and make the Heat sweat a bit before moving on.

    for all you Bonnell haters:


    My early prediction: Bobcats' 16-game losing streak to the Heat ends this playoff series.

    i think this series hinges on two things:


    how well kemba handles miami's pick and roll defense out front. if he learned a thing or two this season and can handle it, there is a hope of some success. if not, it will be ugly.


    lebron and wade's jump shot. if they are hitting forget about it. if they are off, there is a glimmer of hope.

    Tbh I'd be happy if we win one game in the series. Best season ever!

    Wut...Bonnell is actually optimistic we'll win a game???


    Nice story about Kemba's D:


    Clifford’s Critique Led to Walker’s Success


    I so want to shock their world and take the very 1st game on Sunday.  Let the world know we're not the butt of anyone's jokes anymore.

    For the first time likely ever there is no one cringe-worthy on this team. Sessions especially early in the season was that with lots of "goddamnits" in his play. Thought Ridnour might be, but that turned out to be just rust and settling in. Really loving additions of CDR and Neal. Zeller seems to be catching on.

    Hopefully the team will rep well on national tv regardless of outcome; and the days of embarrassment are finally over. As a big pro-tanker; not what I expected this year. But if your're not tanking - do this. Pretty happy so far.