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Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets / Miami Heat 10/28

The start of the regular season is FINALLY here!!!!!

Do you think that we'll continue the strong play from the preseason and get the win against the Heat tonight?


    The Heat is regrouping after the loss of LeBron.  Last year they were in disarray but no more.  They are ready, they are stacked, they are elite in the East. 


    With Winslow playing well, they have no weakness. 


    It's no shame losing to them, especially by only 5 points.  The main concern IMO is Al's D.  He can't just slap at the ball and pretend that's protecting the rim.  I think it's probably best to start Psycho T for a little bit until Frank is ready.  Marvin playing 38 minutes a game isn't a very good thing.  Cody is best coming off the bench at this stage.