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How Far Will Bobcats' Losing Streak Go?

The Charlotte Bobcats are in a bad way right now. They've dropped an embarrassing 16 straight games. The losing streak is bad enough, but the 16 straight losses come after a solid start to the season that had many (including this writer) thinking these young Bobcats could actually be turning a corner.

Not so much.

It looks like Charlotte is just as over-matched as they've ever been, and that they can expect to content for the bottom of their division. After all, a team that loses literally every game they've played so far in the month of December doesn't offer up much optimism for the remainder of the season.

That's right, Bobcats faithful, Charlotte hasn't won a game in December, and could easily go 0-16 in this month alone. But for some, the real question may be, can it really go that far? Or better (or worse?), can this losing streak go even further?

It only takes a quick glance at how the Bobcats have been performing, and one can quickly imagining this free fall going on deep into January.

The Bobcats face the Nets, Hornets and Bulls to end December. I can't see them topping Brooklyn or Chicago at this point, while the New Orleans game is in Charlotte and the Bobcats should have a chance there. However, I don't think the drought ends there. The Hornets are equally terrible, but they have a healthy Anthony Davis back, are generally more competitive than the Bobcats, and just had a solid win over the Orlando Magic. All that, and they just ended a bad losing streak of their own, so they're no longer drowning and down in the dumps.

So, when will this horrible fall finally come to an end? Let's go with the first week of January.

Sure, the Bobcats will exit December without a single win, and that's depressing, embarrassing and several other things I probably can't say or write. But the pain will end soon, and then another losing streak will probably start.

But mark down January 4th and January 6th. Those are Charlotte's next two "gimme games" that they have a legit chance to win, as they face the Cavaliers and Pistons. If they don't somehow knock off the Nets, Bulls and/or the Hornts before the new year hits, I think they'll kill the streak with one of the first two games of 2013.

On the flip-side, if they can't end that skid, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for this skid to get really insane, really fast. After those two so-called easy games early in January, the Bobcats only have matchups with the Raptors and Kings the rest of the month, and both of those teams are arguably more talented and would still be reasonably tough outs.

Ultimately, I think the streak gets to 19 or 20 and ends. but either way you shake it, this season has gone from hopeful to over in just one month. Let the trade rumors and draft speculation run wild in Charlotte.