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Playoff Game Thread: Game 3 - Miami Heat at Charlotte Bobcats 4/26

So Josh McRoberts barely brushes by Lebron James' throat on Wednesday night and all of the bandwagon Miami Heat fans lose their collective minds.

Some of the Heat sites are talking about "payback" and "retribution".... Um yeah, I doubt that we see that. Who would be the Heat's "enforcer"? The 57 year old Udonis Haslem? Or is it the guy with the serial killer tattoos and questionable haircut, Chris Anderson? Not gonna happen.

What I DO think we'll see Saturday night at home is:
  • Al Jefferson's first BIG game of the series (even on one leg)
  • Another strong game from MKG
  • One of the Bobcats perimeter guys get really hot (Gary Neal possibly)
  • A 4 point Bobcats win

What is your prediction for Saturday night?


    I think Al is gonna have a big game as will Neal and the Bobcats win their first playoff game in franchise history.  MKG scores in double figures again.... let me say 12....


    Additional prediction Potato gets threatened to be kicked out for talking hella shit to Heat fans

    Reminder:  During the game, The chat room will be open.

    I am extremely excited to see who shows up tonight for the Cats. I hope we are jacked up about the task at hand and get out to one of our patented 30ish point first quarters. I also hope that McR isn't worried or self-aware about throat-gate (fwiw, I didn't see the million retakes of this, just when it happened in the game - it did seem to me that LBJ was rubbing his upper right shoulder eventually, not his throat - so I wonder how much of it was the contact and how much of this was theatrics). So if McR has his head straight, and MKG comes out grinding like he did last game and Al is quasi mobile but drawing attention and Kemba is back to Kemba Dagger - we got this.
    I mentioned it earlier but I think in order to win we NEED Neal to have a big game, he missed some really open 3's in game 2. We need him to provide a big spark off the bench against teams like this

    I hope someone records the team intro on their phone and posts it here or on YouTube for posterity and for memories.

    QC Thundercats
    Apr 26 2014 01:34 PM

    I hope someone records the team intro on their phone and posts it here or on YouTube for posterity and for memories.

    I second this. Or even just recording the environment outside the arena, and pregame inside. I have a feeling it's gonna be crazy down there.

    Wish I could be there, but I'd love to see any footage that normal tv broadcasts never show.

    And I agree about the white shirts. Should've been ice blue shirts for a "Freeze Out" to continue the theme of chilling the heat. And free ice cubes at the concession, and free mini fans on every seat. Someone needs to put me on the PR team with the cats, I've got ideas all day.
    Apr 26 2014 05:41 PM
    Guys I will do my best to record the intros on my phone and put them up once I get home.
    High Upside
    Apr 26 2014 05:58 PM

    Good % Cats fans??

    Hey Folks, jump in the chat room

    Hate miami
    We're gonna get blown out
    Being serious when I say I hope Henderson never plays a game here again
    Apr 26 2014 07:22 PM
    65/35 but they are even more annoying than usual
    Gary Neal is awful too
    Get me out of here

    Not interested in any kind of blame game, but it really felt like Kemba was pressing too hard and trying to do too much, especially when they were sending two guys at him. I'm curious how they'll adjust for game 4, especially their desire to compete. 


    Loved the first 20 minutes or so. After that, it seemed like a young team not responding well. 

    Apr 26 2014 08:59 PM

    :floydwtf:  :kobeyuck: 

    Pretty much sums up this game. Hopefully game 4 goes quick. At this point I think wining that game would just delay the misery. I don't see us winning 4 games now, especially when we would have to go back to Miami. Maybe Kemba and Al should just sit out and start the healing process for next year.

    I don't want Coach Clifford sitting anyone out. If they are going to go out in game 4 then I want them to go out guns blazing

    Wow, that was just shit. Not much else to say.

    Wow, that was just shit. Not much else to say.


    Yes, it was most certainly a crap sandwich.

    That sucked. Playoff Heat fans are way more annoying than regular season Heat fans.

    I had 2 Heat fans beside me and they were trying to be nice by saying they felt sorry for us because we could have beat any team but them.

    Salt in open wound....

    We really have to get some bench depth... The difference between our bench talent and theirs is unreal. Our backups in the backcourt absolutely killed us.

    Hendo would be a great 16-20 minute per game back up and Gary Neal should never play a minute unless you need a 3. I was never in love with the Ramon trade but, this series has really showed me that we lost that trade based on talent and we took on 3.5M in salary next year.

    Wish we would have tanked. ( maybe just saying that out of frustration but, damn this was my fear and it came true) good season, face Miami, get swept, lose our pick to Chicago... Only thing that could be worse is for PDX to win the championship and move our pick to the very end of the first round.

    Apr 27 2014 12:20 AM
    Gary Neal has been a huge disappointment the past two games. Big Al started out on fire, then they adjusted and we had nothing else to go to. They started trapping Kemba on the pick and rolls, and Hendo, being Hendo, let us down once again.

    If anything this shows how great Clifford is. CDR was the only guy off the bench to give us something, though most of that was when the game was decided. It's a shame because the atmosphere was there to have a special night, but it just felt like the air was let out of a balloon in the arena starting with the last couple minutes of the second quarter.

    There was one real annoying Heat fan behind me with his girlfriend that sounded like Steve Urkel who had Lebron's dripping from his lips all night. Out of respect because he was with his lady was the only reason me and my boy didn't whoop his dumb ass.
    The sad thing regarding Heat fans is that they were out of the game in the first 18 minutes. Our play is what allowed them to be an irritant and it will be what ends up making the cable box a Heat partisan house on Monday.

    I did not like our body language in the second half. I thought McR, CDR and Al gave us their all but everyone else was a disappointment.

    I guess I was lucky.  In 215, the Heat fans were minimal and those that were there were polite as could be.  Over in 213 there was a lady yelling occasionally about Lebron and Haslem of all people, but otherwise they weren't nearly the nuisance that I've found them to be in the regular season since Big 3 era.  


    Adam, I'm with you on the body language.  It was so obvious to start the 2nd half.  It seemed that the debacle to end the 2nd quarter was felt by our players as much as the fans, which should never happen.


    It will be interesting to see how they come out Monday.  Win or lose, I hope and expect them to come out with more fight, and not be like the 2010 guys who rolled over in game 4 vs. ORL.


    Still, it was fun to see the magic and hear the noise pre-game and 1st quarter.  Look forward to this being the norm from now on.  


    But the pom poms?  They gotta go.  Rally towels, glo sticks, whatever.  Anything but pom poms.  This isn't college and I'm not a co-ed.  Nice Jordan brand shirt though!

    Apr 27 2014 11:57 AM

    I guess they were trying something different with the pom poms, lol. The shirts were nice, and I bought a Big Al's Paint shirt that I got a lot of compliments on, even though it was the item of the game, lol.


    I was disappointed with the intros though, they just seemed lackluster to me. 2010's were done much better. I halfway expected glow sticks to be part of the intro after they used them for the Hornets announcement. Then they couldn't get the music right with the little kids the first time, the cannons misfiring.....it was just a mess all around.

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