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The Miami Heat are coming to town...

Should we be scared? Should we panic? Should the Cats flee for their lives like the Miami Heat are Omar and the Cats are simply a bunch of corner boys?

Side note: If you haven't watched The Wire (the greatest television series ever) you should immediately hit up ebay or amazon and snag that series. If for some reason you have watched The Wire but didn't care for the series, then with all due respect... Go drown yourself.

The answer to the earlier question of should we panic is simply NO. Lebron James and the Heat are coming off of a huge, tough win against the Orlando Magic, this will be the second night of a road back to back for them. The Bobcats on the other hand are coming off of a very successful 4-2 road trip, they are well rested, they are at home and their confidence is high.

The Miami Heat are in prime position to catch a beatdown tonight. Tonight will be a Bobcats win.

Who else is with me?


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