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Milwaukee Bucks

The Charlotte Bobcats lay waste to the Milwauke...

Nov 03 2007 02:04 AM | Guest in Milwaukee Bucks

Maybe laying waste to the Bucks is a little strong, but we did get a 102-99 win despite missing 21 of 43 free throws. Gaston Gazette   “Whenever you can win a game shooting 50-percent on free throws and missing so many down...

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Bobcats 113, Bucks 92: Blogcat's Take

Apr 15 2007 01:28 AM | Guest in Milwaukee Bucks

Saturday night’s telecast opened with a strange sight: Andrew Bogut standing at center court with a microphone—was it Karaoke Night at the Bradley Center?  Nope, turned out the Bucks players were just taking a moment to thank the...

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Bobcats 97, Bucks 81: Blogcat's Take

Mar 30 2007 01:59 PM | Guest in Milwaukee Bucks

"The one thing I'm impressed with the coaches and the players is the professionalism in how they practice and how they play,'' Coach Bernie Bickerstaff said after Tuesday’s win over Atlanta.  I love it when pros praise each other for their...

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Bucks 97, Bobcats 91: Blogcat's Take

Mar 18 2007 02:45 AM | Guest in Milwaukee Bucks

Last night’s Charlotte-Milwaukee game had something in it for everyone: 1) a win for the winners, 2) the third-worst record for the losers. The Bobcats chose Door #2, and we’ll see what our Mystery Surprise is come draft day. Plus, the good...

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Bucks 99, Bobcats 91: Blogcat's Take

Jan 16 2007 05:40 AM | ziggy in Milwaukee Bucks

Well, it finally happened: I missed my first Bobcats game of the year. News14 didn’t cover the game, and NBA League Pass didn’t either. In fact I’m not sure if anyone did, because even the highlight package on NBA TV Daily looked like...

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