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Charlotte Bobcats / Milwaukee Bucks Recap 11/23

Worst Scoring Team in the Whole NBA?! 

I can see it if I was a coach.   Charging into the locker room, throwing things, knocking stuff over.  “You guys can’t buy 90 points.  Forget a HUNDRED!  Sure you’ve done it what once, twice this year?  So what?  Our leading scorer is out with a knee injury?  So what?  You guys haven’t picked up any of his points.  Gerald, with Jason out I would expect you to take over for him as leading scorer on this team, but NO!  You can’t do that for us, can you?  Emeka, your already dismal production has actually gone down.  Shannon, you were the first question asked about in the press conference. ‘Gee Larry, what did you tell Shannon walking off the court?’  ‘I don’t know, crappy radio announcer.  What do you think I told him?  Make a damn shot.  Play defense the way I tell you.’  Come on guys, most of you were first round picks.  I’m a Hall of Fame coach, I’m the only guy who has won an NCAA Championship and an NBA World Championship and you guys are making it look like New York actually WAS my fault!” 

This is why I’m not a coach, that and I don’t know how to play or coach basketball.  No one in that locker room could deny anything said to them along those lines.  Bonnell’s tagline reads “Worst Scoring Team in the NBA managed to reach a new low.”  Whoa, that’s bad.   

What is it?  I mean can we find a pattern in these losses?  Is it Jason Richardson’s injury?  Well I looked at the numbers and with my new skills in excel, I’ve figured out in the 6 games J-Rich was in the Bobcats averaged 88 and 2/3 points per game against 92 and a half each game for the opponents.  Since he’s been out, 5 games, they are averaging 3 points less per game, 85.8.  the point difference is about the same though, we’ve been holding opponents to 90.6 a game.  So I don’t think that’s it.  I mean yeah 3 points less but point difference, whatever.  We won 1 game without him and 2 with him.  Not the key to our wins or losses but he sure could help. 

So we’re getting beat, but I don’t feel like by much.  -4.2 points per game.  That is not much, but we’re only talking average here, but assume with me for a second:  Where are we going to find those extra points at the end of games?  Gerald, Mek, Raymond all need to score like on bucket each and not give up anymore.  You can’t ask much more out of DJ.  Ajinca, quit fouling and be there in the 3rd quarter please.  Those are the starters with J-Rich out.  Adam, Shannon and Carroll can’t do much more, I just don’t think it’s in them.   

I know I’m oversimplifying things.  If you just look at the numbers it’s possible and easy.  Basketball will never be quantified by numbers alone.  It’s a game of entertainment.  It’s a visual game.  No one talks about the great radio guys for basketball.  Marv Albert and Kevin Harlan are the guys you remember simply because of their great calls that go along with great plays.  Their words match what you just saw.  So how do these Bobcats measure up in the all important eyeball test?  That’s for each his own really but for me they are a step or two away as well.   

We don’t always see big plays.  There have been a few.  Last night Shannon Brown made some very nice plays at the end of the game but he didn’t use his brain.  Larry said as much.  He went for the block and got it but LB claims his assignment was to deny the inbounds pass.  This would have given the Bobcats more time and possibly a chance at a steal and easy bucket.  A block is fantastic but it is almost like a rebound in that it gives the guards, at least, a chance to get back on D.  I can see that.  Larry can see that but Shannon Brown had a hard time with it.  I think that is a major problem with a lot of players on this team.  Playing in the moment, not thinking about what this move or that move will do to the clock, the scoreboard and the momentum.  They are a million small things in a game but to this point they all add up to a 3 and 9 record, and I haven’t even mentioned FREE (FREE!) throws.