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Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets @ Minnesota Timberwolves - 11/15

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The Charlotte Hornets (6-3) travel to Minnesota to take on the Timberwolves (3-6). The Hornets are looking to snap their 2 game losing and get back on track. Will Charlotte get their 7th win of the season tonight and snap their losing streak?

Injury Report:
CHA - Jeremy Lamb
MINN - Zach LaVine, Shabazz Muhammad & Brandon Rush

Game time - 8 PM ET
Target Center in Minneapolis, MN
TV: FOX Sports Southeast


    Nov 16 2016 06:30 AM

    Considering I can get drunk off two beers... 

    I remember when I was 15, too!

    SAS Marco in the house!
    I loved the game. We playing great comeback ball in the third . But we can't ask this of the starters all year. I think we would be good if we could add a decent point guard with the 2nd unit . I would be putting some of Sessions , along with a combo of Hawes , Hibert ,Lamb to get a decent point. B Knight seams to be in the dog house . He could be very serviceable behind Kemba
    QC Thundercats
    Nov 16 2016 11:53 AM
    That was a fun game to watch. I know we're not in the "contender" class yet, but I'm getting that same feeling like when you watch a team get a jump on the Spurs or cavs, you know that they are gonna walk back and take over the game at the end, like all the good vet teams do.

    I just have the confidence that we'll always find a way back in it, and I can't say I've really felt like that since, when maybe baron davis was in Charlotte. The impending doom feeling is gone, now it's the "we got this" feeling.

    What's starting to stand out is the passing ability throughout the entire roster. I wonder how many hockey assists we had that game, not sure if anyone keeps track of something like that. But that pass to nic to frank for the alley oop was the perfect example of that set up. We may very well have the best passing bigs in the league, Kemba is mastering the pick and roll, and an underrated thing to watch is the two man game between nic and Marvin.

    We don't have the same shooting as last year, but I think their collectively high bball IQ, unselfish passing, and potential shutdown defense will more than make up for that. And they can still kind of shoot as needed.

    I do like the t wolves roster. They are on the verge of making the leap. Maybe not this year, but once they learn how to win, when thibs teaches them to play disciplined defense, and trains them not to turn the ball over and better shot selection, watch out. The thunder went from the lottery to 50 wins when Durant and Westbrook figured it out, its only a matter of time before they get there.
    An extreme example of a subtle wrinkle Frank added to his shooting pocket. He's able to keep it higher without dropping which improves timing a little. End result is closer contests and easier drives and should help with pull up jumpers in the future.

    Oh and that pass Nic served on a platter.