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Watching the Hornets succeed in the playoffs is a real kick in the nuts

These feelings were expressed by longtime BobcatsPlanet member TheBeagle, but they are feelings that are shared among 99% of our membership.

Yeah, I've pulled against Charlotte since they left; I loved it when the got busted in the 1st round against Miami their first year in NO. I loved it when they moved west and figured they wouldn't see the playoffs in the next 10 or so years....and for a while it looked that way. Seeing the success they've had this year, and the attendance rising because of the playoffs has been a real kick to the man-region for me. Like Muttley, I can't stand the Spurs and am still hoping they can find a way to pull out the series over NO.

I understand part of life is having a second chance, and maybe you can put the "Honey Bee incident" away for good, forgive and forget, but what he pulled over on the city of Charlotte and Hornets fans in the Carolinas.....any success he has just proves there's no justice in the world.

Another factor that makes watching the Hornets' playoff run even more painful is the fact that Chris Paul could have (and should have) been a Bobcat. Back in  the '05 draft we had the opportunity to bundle our #5 and #13 picks to move up to the #3 pick to draft CP3. We passed on that deal and drafted Raymond Felton who most feel will still turn out to be a very serviceable starting PG in this league (but certainly no CP3) and Sean May who has played less than 60 games total in 3 seasons.  

Who else out here cringes at the thought of the George Shinn Hornets making noise in the playoffs?