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New York Knicks

Blogcat's Take, 7/24

Jul 24 2008 12:22 PM | Guest in New York Knicks

I looked with great relief toward Saturday’s televised Summer League game with the Knicks, mostly because my ears were still ringing from the cacophonous mess or The Dark Knight, which I’d seen the night before.  By the way, anti-props go to the Charlo...

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Blogcat's Take, 6/5

Jun 05 2008 02:46 PM | Guest in New York Knicks

Gee, if only Bob Johnson was as loyal to his own basketball team as he seems to be to the Clinton Campaign. According to the Observer, Johnson’s pressuring Congressman Jim Clyburn and the Congressional Black Caucus to back Hillary Clinton to be Barack...

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Knicks 94, Bobcats 93: Blogcat's Take

Apr 19 2007 01:16 AM | ziggy in New York Knicks

Well there’s some sad things known to man, but they ain’t too much sadder than the last game of the NBA regular season.  Goodbye, Bobcats, I’m going to M-I-S, S you much.  Just think, when we tipped off in November, aging ex...

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Bobcats 104, Knicks 87: Blogcat's Take

Feb 01 2007 01:35 PM | ziggy in New York Knicks

With a few minutes left in the Bobcats blowout victory over New York, commentator Matt Devlin asked sidekick Stephanie Ready, “Would you agree that this is the best Bobcats stretch in the team’s history?” Like there are a bunch to cho...

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Bobcats 126, Knicks 110: Blogcat's Take

Jan 13 2007 06:40 AM | ziggy in New York Knicks

On Friday the Bobcats returned to the site of their most arduous disaster (and that’s just describing the 3rd quarter) this season: Madison Square Garden. The Knicks have improved to the point that losing to them is no longer shameful, but they s...

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Knicks 111, Bobcats 109 (2-OT): Blogcat's Take

Dec 21 2006 09:20 AM | ziggy in New York Knicks

There’s losing, and then there’s losing to the Knicks in double-overtime. I think some of the images from this game will scar my memory for life: Stephon Marbury, fresh off a 53-minute, 10-point, 9-assist performance, celebrating wildly as...

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