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Bobcats Shock Knicks, Maggette Goes Down

What up people, Toocool here with a blog in 2012. Won’t be blogging too much due to my promotion to Mod, where I do my daily duties as a friendly neighbourhood mod. But it’s refreshing after the lockout to wake up at 8:30 am today to watch the Bobcats, more refreshing to see them win. Yes, you might say ‘But we be in tank mode!’ Doesn’t mean we can’t beat a few teams so we don’t go all emo and cut ourselves.

Regardless of whether we be tanking or not, Knicks versus Bobcats was us on the big stage in Madison Square Garden. Many angry Knicks fans were there, Commissioner D. Stern and ex-Bobcat, the man with hands of stone, the rock in the middle, the amazing defensive presence Tyson Chandler. Oh wait...not even Tyson Chandler can help Anthony or Stoudemire’s crapass defense.

But that’s the reason why we won. The Bobcats shot the ball well, and we were allowed to really take whatever we want, and watch the Knicks flounder on defense. We saw guys like Diaw and Hendo hit consistently, with Diaw actually taking shots. Melo and Stoudamire got their usual high points, but they really gave it right back on defense. And well, we lead them the entire way since the first quarter.

Diaw really shone today. The French man schooled Amare with a particularly tricky spin move, and was a nuisance, hitting shots, juking and jiving, and he was up to his usual passing  antics. However, one thing we saw from him was AGGRESSIVENESS. Diaw gave a powerful screen to Douglas, extremely rare for the normally laisse-faire Bobcat. I don’t mind that, Knicks were on a run and Douglas was strutting around on the court like he was Maverick from Top Gun. Please, sit down on that floor where you belong young fella. Like I said, didn’t mind that at all.

Henderson also played well. Played his usual tough nosed defense, however late in the 4th quarter with the shot clock running down, hit a stupid jumper from mid range. Then after Douglas scored, came back and again with the shot clock running down, hit an even more stupid 3 from Jimmer Fredette range (because he’s the only one stupid enough to shoot from that range). Henderson has shown a lot more this season, but still needs work creating his own shot. Although might go a bit under the table, Hendo had 4 steals. He's averaging 2 steals per game. Not bad!

DJ played a very solid DJ game. Abused on defense? Check. Numerous behind the back moves? Check. However I thought he also distributed well, and he racked up a double double. Really nicely finding the open man, although had a few facepalm moments.

D. Brown aka UPS. What can he do for you? Look at his stat line, and many will say ‘oh wow, 25 minutes for 4 points and 5 rebounds), what a bad game. However, it was his defense on Carmelo Anthony that helped win us the game. No one can truely stop scorers like Carmelo, Durant or Kobe. You can only contain them. That’s what UPS did. Forced Melo, put a hand in his face, made him take contested jumpers. UPS did a great job when Bad Porn went down.

Maggette aka Bad Porn is much maligned on our board. A lot of planeteers don’t like him, but I really don’t mind the guy. When he’s on the floor, he actually tries on defense (not that it’s any good however). Takes some stupid shots, but also get’s to the line. Went down in the 3rd quarter, looked to me like a pulled/torn hamstring. MRI will tell us more however.

Honourable Mentions:

B.J Mullens. Dude can stroke it, and is really coming into his own in the league. Has his eyes set on that starting center role. His jumper is so sweet looking, I get surprised honestly when it misses. Not only can he shoot though, he’s starting to really put an emphasis on his rebounding and defense. I think in due time, with his continued showing of the goods, he could be our future 5.

Kemba had a solid game. Missed a few shots, hit a few. But what I really liked was his distribution. I’m rather vocal about Kemba and his bad shot taking, but he really toned it down this game and always found the open man. I liked that. I much rather Kemba continue to develop as an all-round player, rather than a Russell Westbrook or Brandon Jennings who throw up junk time after time. But really, Kemba is exciting to watch. And he has so much swagger, which is always nice.

The Good:

-          Hendo/Diaw/DJ

-          UPS’s defense

-          Mullens Growth

-          White consistent and solid again (10/9)

-          We won

-          No Diop sighting

The Bad:

-          Bad Porn going down

-          Our interior defense

-          Rebounding. 11 offensive rebounds. Needa work on that

The Ugly:

-          For the serial tankers, a win is blasphemy.