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Charlotte Bobcats / New York Knicks preview 12/30

New Year's Eve, Eve, sounds exciting but to a Bobcats fan, it's not.  New York seems to have Charlotte's number.  4 straight wins against Charlotte with the world's biggest tiny bad attitude going for 20+ in 3 of those games.  Nate Robinson is the bane of my existence as a player in the NBA.  I don't like the little guy plays hard and dunks attitude, because he tries to look like a bad-ass.  Mugsey Bogues and Spud Webb (both had awesome nicknames by the way) knew what they were, played hard and enjoyed it.  Nate knows he's short, puts on this attitude of "Yeah, baller bad ass over here" and no one I know actually likes him.  

Rant against Nate "Ball-o-fire" Robinson complete.  Do you realize in the last 6 games he is coming off the bench and averaging 25+?  Did you also know that the Knicks have lost all 6 of those games?  Over the past 6 games for the Bobcats, 4-2 with Emeka Okafor putting up points, rebounds and sure he gets his blocks.  It's the addition of Boris Diaw and his amazing passing ability from wherever he sets up on the floor and dude can also move with the ball a bit.  This frees up Mek because the other defender at least has to pay attention.  This all may be obvious but I think we need to put the spotlight on it and enjoy it.  It's a thing of beauty when it works.   

Raja Bell is out, likely with a groin injury.  It looked nasty somehow in the NJ game at Charlotte.  He went straight down and I thought he just got junked or something.  What am I say "just" got junked?  I have never done anything horrible to my groin, well the interior muscles anyway, but I can imagine how that would hurt.  When I was in physical therapy I remember them telling me the importance of stretching the groin.  Not only is it about the legs and the actual areas you can feel but those muscles go all the way in toward your spine and it's in your core.  No fun, so yeah Raja take your time, buddy.  

 That begs the question: "what to do with the #2?"  We know Larry Brown doesn't want to start DJ, who may also be pretty nicked up, beside Felton because of the ability to get both or either in foul trouble early.  So, looking down the list of leading scorers, Wallace, Diaw, Okafor, Felton, Augustin, Bell and then Morrison, Shannon Brown, McMay, Carroll and Hollins.  Morrison hasn't played more than 10 mins in a game since November.  We here at BobcatsPlanet have had a pretty hearty discussion about Rick Bonnell's Blog and our opinions and reactions to not only his argument but the timeliness and reason-ability in making it.  Adam Morison is no Kwame Brown, Darko or even a Jay Williams.  He's a true ballplayer, but he's either under used or misused, hurt or heady.  Poor kid has been so over analyzed and mostly poorly.  I remember reading a blog in this spot back in the off season that stated Morrison wouldn't be the player he could be because he was known to enjoy Rage Against the Machine and wear Che Guevara t-shirts or something.  Now Bonnell is calling him a bust.  Why?  Why is this the time and place to say that?  Nail the coffin of a guy who has only played in 105 total games, averaged 10 points per and averaged 25 minutes per game...I don't get it.  Why not ask the coach the questions.  Get some damn quotes Bonnell.  Sidebar: I'm so tired of NBA reporting coming from "a source" and reporters going off of pure speculation.  Larry Brown will give you the quotes.  How the hell do his post game pressers go so slowly?  Are the local reporters scared of him?   

So back to the question who starts in place of Raja?  I'm guessing Carroll, who has not impressed me at all.  Dude better come strong tomorrow.  2 steals and 13 points with a couple assists in 20 mins is what I expect out of him, and he has underperformed.  DJ and Bell, 2 of the top 6 in PPG and minutes are possibly not playing.  Although DJ did not look horribly hurt towards the end of the game on Saturday.  Here is what I would like to see, assuming these two are as hurt as I assume:  DJ and Bell deactivated, get rest, get healthy.  Shannon Brown and Ryan Hollins activated in their place.  Let Carroll start, it's his spot given his pay scale.  If he has a nice run or is just effective out on the court, let him play, if not, jerk his ass and put in Morrison.  Heavy minutes for the "b" and "c" teams.  Singletary, Howard, Hollins and Brown need about 17 mins each.  Let us find out what we've got in these guys.  Unless Larry knows something I don't, which I really hope he does because ILBIT.