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Saturday Morning Linkage / I am a lazy blogger

Queen City Hoops gives the usual excellent breakdown of last night's win against the Hornets.

am going to be looking to see what happened, but somehow, with Adam Morrison on the court - the Hornets could not score. The Bobcats' defensive efficiency with Ammo on the court: 69.2. Ridiculous. I'll be interested to see if Adam had a hand in that or was just the beneficiary of some lucky matchups.

One thing that I have noticed myself since the beginning of the preseason is that Adam seems to be playing legitimate NBA defense... seriously.  I'll be interested to see what Queen City Hoops finds after taking a closer look at the numbers

Hornets247 was impressed with Bobcats rookie DJ Augustin.

Charlotte's D.J. Augustin, the New Orleans native backing up Raymond Felton at point, had a good showing. The rookie didn't back down from Chris Paul, and wasn't shy about getting in the lane and giving our defense some problems. Larry Brown showed faith in him, too, leaving him in there for most of the fourth quarter. He'll be real nice in a few.

Rick "BoogieMan" Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Gerald Wallace may be on his way out for Eddy Curry.

One rumor circulating the country would have Wallace heading to Golden State, Warriors forward Al Harrington joining the New York Knicks and Eddy Curry leaving New York for the Bobcats.

I can debunk this trade rumor right now, right at this moment. Its simply impossible, If Eddy Curry and Sean May were to get on the same basketball court at the same time, their combined gravitational pull would have adverse effects on the outcome of the game. Balls might not bounce, smaller players may begin to orbit them, wormholes might open... It would get ugly.

There are still Bobcats fans in the state of North Carolina that can't watch the games

BobcatsPlanet member CarolinaKat:  I live in Raeford, I have the same packages for Direct TV as the person above with Dish Network. Sport South on Direct, Dish Network or TWC should show basically the same thing right? They don't and so far either the game isn't listed or it's blacked out in my area. Blacked out in my area? For what? I live 3 hrs from Charlotte. I'm not driving to see the games. I cheer from home , I drink, I smoke, I cuss at the ref's and Boo and wish evil on the other team....All from home. I buy the damn Jersey's , The damn Bobcats clocks basketballs and other bullshit and they block out my ******* games. Angry is not even the word, I have been hyped about this year and to not be able to watch my team play is very discouraging at the least.

Something has to be done!!!