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Who Will/Could be the Charlotte Bobcats Version of Jeremy Lin?

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If you have not watched basketball in the last week, than you have no idea who Jeremy Lin is. To find out all you have to do is turn on ESPN. The Asian Sensation has become the hottest name in basketball as he has stepped out of obscurity on February 4 to lead the Knicks to a much needed win over the New Jersey Nets.

Most of you are probably still asking who this kid is. Well, in a nutshell he could be one of the most perpetually underrated talents. The big schools ignored him even though he was clearly one of the best players in California. Harvard gave him a chance, and he went on to be a two-time All-Ivy League first team player.

Just like after high school, he was largely ignored by the NBA once he was finished playing college ball. He got some interest as an undrafted free agent, and ended up taking less money to go with the Wizards; a year later they kicked him to the curb.

Now he’s led the New York Knicks to a five-game winning streak, and is dangerously close to making them relevant again.

By now I bet you’re wondering what in the world this means to the Charlotte Bobcats. Easy—

Where in the world is our Jeremy Lin?!?!?!

If there is ever a team that needed a player to drop out of obscurity to lead the team to the Promise Land it is the Bobcats. They’ve bested the franchise losing record (now sitting at 14 games and counting). Saturday’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers drops them to a dismal .125 winning percentage, equaling the all-time low set in the 1972-73 season by the Philadelphia 76ers. In the last five games the Bobcats have scored an average of 75 points while allowing 100.

Could there be a team in more need of a miracle?

The question now becomes who our Jeremy Lin could be; he must be young, very inexperienced, have a name even his mother might not recognize, and on a roster more by luck than anything else.

That cuts out everyone on the roster, but one guy—Cory Higgins.

If your first reaction is who, then we are on the right track. Like Lin, Higgins was a stud in college. His 2,001 career points with Colorado is a Buffalo record and has him ranked 6th all-time in the Big 12.

The man has to have some skills, but nothing that anyone in the NBA wanted. He wasn’t even drafted in the D-league till the seventh pick. He did okay in five games with the Erie Bayhawks, but nothing spectacular.

Denver brought him into training camp this season, but cut him before the season started. As a Christmas present his Dad, the president of basketball operations for the Charlotte Bobcats, claimed him off of waivers.

So far this season, he has scored 78 points (Lin scored 76 in his first season with the Wizards). His Wikipedia page says more about his Dad than him. His Yahoo! Sports profile has been liked by one person (as of 2 AM Sunday morning) and doesn't have a profile picture.  I don’t think it’s possible to get more obscure than this.

What do you say Paul Silas? How about giving Cory a try? Maybe the Bobcats can have a Jeremy Lin too?!?!?