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Charlotte Bobcats / OKC Thunder Preview 12/3

Charlotte Bobcats to host a team with the worst name in the NBA 

Oklahoma City Thunder rolls into town tonight.  Get it?  HA, HA!  Oklahoma City; home of the Thunder and not a whole lot else.  Oklahoma City is actually in Oklahoma, where Kansas City is in Missouri and there’s another in Kansas.  See, that’s much less confusing.  A team that no one cared about in Seattle moved, deserved or not, to Oklahoma City.  They sold out their season tickets almost immediately.  OKC really did well when the Hornets had to play there after Katrina.  Shinn admitted he wanted to move the team there but thankfully he didn’t take that away from the city of New Orleans.  So he does have a little class. 

Listen, I’m not here to say whether or not it’s good to have the team in OKC.  I’m more here to make fun of the name.  Seriously?  Thunder?  Thunder is loud but doesn’t actually do anything.  You don’t see Thunder, it’s only a sound, what do they use for a symbol?  What does their mascot look like?  You have to have a mascot, at least one.  In the Bobcats case, one plus 3 blow-up versions.  How those make people laugh is beyond me.  I really don’t get how it’s funny but every time they come out at least half the section laughs their asses off.  What do they call their version of the “Lady Cats,” “Rally Cats,” “Rhythm Cats,” and “Life-Coach Cats?”  I just saw another bad pun: “Thunder can clap after ending long slide.”  That’s the worst you’ve got?  Clap?  Get out of here! 

On to the game.  Bobcats should win this one walking away.  The “God is Bowlings” basically has one player that I know: Kevin Durant.  Still young, still skinny, very dangerous.  They fired PJ Carlisimo a couple weeks ago.  PJ is famous for 3 things: #1 being named after pajamas; #2 getting choked by Latrell Spreewell #3 being fired like a million times.  The interim coach is Scott Brooks.  Yeah, I don’t know who he is.  Jeff Green is another one of their players, Russell Westbrook?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?   

Emeka’s quote after the win over Minnesota sums it up:  "That's (Brown's) history with teams," Okafor said. "When he first comes in it takes some time to adjust. There's a learning curve. Once everybody learns it, people get going."

The Bobcat’s are getting it going.  Awesome win at home on Monday night.  It should be followed by a good win tonight.  Remains to be seen if these guys can string together 2 wins but this is a good start.  3 of the last 5 games have been wins, just none consecutive.  It’s very important for NBA teams to get rolling because they play every other night or every night.  I don’t want to look past the Thunder, but come on.  It’s the Thunder.  Bobcats according to this Accuscore thing are going to win this game 2 out of 3 times it’s simulated, whatever that means.  If Charlotte can win tonight, roll up to Milwaukee on Friday then come home on a win streak for Saturday’s game against the Cavs, they’ve got a shot.  You know Saturday’s game will be well attended here in the city.  I just had to do a double take because I knew Davidson was playing in the arena on Saturday against NC State.  Who scores the most points Saturday: Steph Curry, Lebron or J-Rich?  Great prop bet, for entertainment purposes only, of course.