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Charlotte Bobcats / OKC Thunder Recap 12/4

Bobcats win: Bigger Story, much bigger, fatter story: Sean May with his first double/double in 2 years.

I turned to the guys around me and kind of said, “Ok, big deal. We beat the Thunder. What’s the story here?” Everyone answered, “SEAN MAY!” One guy behind me insisted May had 10 points and 15 rebounds. Well not quite. Sean McMay finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds. It took him a full 25 minutes to get there but he got there. I was in the bathroom when he went to sit down and the announcer, poor guy who tries too hard, he said he had one double-double his rookie year, 7 in the 06-07 season, none of course last year, unless you count 20 piece chicken nuggets and a dozen Krispy Kremes. Sean very boldly said in his post game comments “Yeah, well it felt good, you know? Finally. I mean yeah it caught up to me a bit in the 3rd but I survived. I came out and Mike says to me ‘Hey, you need an oxygen mask?’ I said ‘Nah, I’m ok’” Mike there would be Michael Jordan picking on the “principal’s pet.”

Any consistent BCP reader knows of my disdain for Sean May and his lack of conditioning and seeming selfishness. Even his post-game comments make me a little mad. The tone was, “Oh yeah. That’s right. Big Boy is back baby!” He has not played very well; tonight his rebounds came from his waist. I mean he was there, he caught the ball. It counts. I believe he can be a real help to this team but I’m not going to crown him in this game. This game was Raymond, Gerald, J-Rich and Okafor’s game. Especially Okafor. He had a great game. 25 points 13 rebounds but no blocks. Not to say his defense wasn’t good, it was. He had 2 steals. Actually, you could say the Bobcatsstole the Thunder’s thunder. HA! 9 steals to their 6 but they had 19 total turnovers to the ‘Cats’ 13. Let’s face it the Thunder is horrible. Nice parts, I guess. Durant is a good player, no great star in my opinion. Wilcox is a very nice big man, he fouled out and said how he disagreed with the referee and claimed that it might be something found in a cow pasture, particularly made by a male cow. He said “BS” would be my main thrust here.

I don’t really understand, I’m going to look into this tomorrow but, is it a rule in the NBA that you’re only allowed to dress 12 players? Last night it was Hollins and Brown, tonight Hollins and Mohamed. Also, Ajinca didn’t get in the game. Matt Carroll, who knew, but he only got 14 seconds of PT. Ammo with only 4 minutes and maybe 2 touches. I get the whole thing about the “core” gelling but could we get some of our higher paid guys out there? I know it’s dumb to nit-pick a winning team, first time back to back this year. These are the thoughts after a pretty uninteresting game against an uninteresting team, when you sit down and look at the box score. I don’t care what they do in a win, as long as there is no irreparable damage. Larry gave his standard excited post-game speech. He likes Gerald and the way he’s playing. Loves Okafor and his play of late. Of course Ray with 12 assists, everyone has got to love that. 14 last night, 12 tonight, he’s catching on. Star of the game was again Jason Richardson.

Congrats to J-Rich for surpassing 10,000 points. It’s a huge deal in my opinion. I mean in the long run he’s somewhere south of 250th on the list behind Kendall Gill and guys like that. I like J-Rich a lot. Watch out here come the ‘Cats. Yeah I do realize it was just Minnesota and OKC, so what?