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Orlando Magic

Bobcats / Magic preview 12/29

Dec 29 2007 04:13 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Tonight at 7pm the Bobcats travel to Orlando to face Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Orlando is currently sitting comfortably on top of the Southeast division with a 20-11 record with a three game lead over their closest competitor the Atla...

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Blogcat's Take, 11/26

Nov 26 2007 11:12 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

I’ve had to wait a few days for the sting to go down before I could comment.  Man, it’s been a rough week.  I’m already naturally down on Thanksgiving week, because I’m a vegetarian and not inclined to celebrate over t...

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Bobcats 118, Magic 108: Blogcat's Take

Mar 13 2007 03:41 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Okay, quick test. In his essential-reading weekly column, “Monday Morning Quarterback,” CNNSI.com’s Peter King had this item in his “Things I Think I Think” section: “a. Craig Biggio has some Tom Brady in him. Same...

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Magic 106, Bobcats 74: Blogcat's Take

Jan 06 2007 05:08 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

The Magic had revenge on their minds Friday night after (and how weird does this sound) the Bobcats humiliated them a few weeks ago on national television. Okay, Emeka Okafor, you’re going up against that Jolly African American Giant, Dwight Howa...

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Bobcats 99, Magic 89: Blogcat's Take

Dec 15 2006 05:18 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

I’d like to begin this recap with an important public announcement, and I can only hope I’m not too late with this one; this could save lives.  Here it is: Whatever you do, stay as far away as possible from the podcast interview betwee...

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The Charlotte Bobcats need a team to hate

Oct 24 2006 01:46 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Why wait 15 or 20 years for a natural rival to create itself? If we wait until then, we'll be forced to get hyped up over the shleprocks of the league like the Atlanta Hawks or the New York Knicks. So today, I propose that we skip over the tedi...

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