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Charlotte Bobcats / Orlando Magic Recap 11/17

Bobcats lose to whoever the hell they played 

It’s 10:30 Monday morning and I feel like I was run over by a truck.  BigCat’s tip of the day:  If you’re going to try and go all day sports, bring some water and eat your bananas.  Don’t drink beer all day long.  It’s a bad idea.  Especially if you’re expected to do a blog on the Bobcats game.   

Orlando wore us out down the stretch.  Really nice spark going into halftime for the ‘Cats but games aren’t won after 24 minutes.  Raymond played well again, Morrison hit some really nice threes and Okafor and Wallace held Superman in check.  Dude couldn’t hit both out of a 1 and 1 or a 2 shot foul to save his life.  He didn’t have a field goal, and that’s only 5 attempts.   

Coach was right in his postgame presser; Jameer Nelson was the one who won it for the Magic.  It wasn’t any of their big name guys, Tukoglou had a nice game, Rashard Lewis played pretty well, Dwight Howard played awful.  The key was Nelson.  He was their strength.  I don’t know if our PG’s were playing bad defense or what but he was the one that hurt us most.  Low scoring game, no halftime show at all.  Scan the crowd and the PA announcer would make a comment, whoopee, way to keep the people in their seats and really help the momentum into the second half.  More likely: way to save a couple bucks.  I figured with a 6 game home stand we’d see some rolling Bobcats or “Quick Change” at least twice.  Last night, nothing, Friday night a Star Wars promo video, 2 games before that the rhythm cats.  Horrible entertainment value.  Sure we come for the basketball but give us something, creepy guy in a little clear box, anything. 

I have no idea how or what happened for the Bobcats to lose this game.  All I know is now the bartender at Rock the Rooftop knows my name now and the guy in front of us shot me a dirty look for cursing in front of his kid.  Fun times but I’m tired of losing.