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Magic 118 - Bobcats 80: Sarah speaks to the Bobcats Fanbase

Governor Sarah ( a closet Bobcats fan ) has graciously agreed to answer questions from a moderator following the Bobcats 118-80 loss to the Orlando Magic.

Moderator:  Governor Sarah, What was your reaction to the Bobcats 38 point loss to the Orlando Magic Wednesday night? In all honesty you must have been greatly disappointed by this.

Sarah: First let me say, that I would like to thank everyone  in Moose Knuckle, Alaska the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina for this opportunity to completely ignore your questions and the predefined rules of this debate to speak directly to the Charlotte fanbase. Last night, I have never been more proud as a fan of the Charlotte Bobcats, they fought valiantly, they persevered, global warming, they showed that they and not the Magic were the true mavericks in this contest... gosh golly, You betcha!


Moderator: What, what?? Fought valiently? Governor, they were down 40 to 9 at the end of the first quarter. How in the West Hell is that fighting valiently?

Sarah: To anyone watching it was clear that the Bobcats outworked the Magic, the fact that you think otherwise is just another example of THE LIBERAL MEDIA twisting the facts through its biased filter.


Moderator: Ummm, Ok... Sarah would you like to comment on the shooting of your two rookie first rounders? DJ Augustin went 0-5 from the field and big man Alexis Ajinca went 1-8.

Sarah: I'd be glad to comment on that. Gerald Wallace looked fantastic with 18 points, 11 rebounds in 3 steals in only 25 minutes.


Moderator: But Sarah the previous question was about the rookies.. Crap, Never mind. Are you concerned that your projected starting power forward Sean May has so far to go to work himself back into NBA game condition. He appeared to be quite winded just 2 minutes into the game.  Since the Rockets matched the Bobcats offer for Carl Landry, that just leaves them with a young Jermareo Davidson and a very raw Alexis Ajinca as possibilities for backup minutes at that position. If May has issues with his conditioning, his weight or his microfracture surgically repaired knee, what do you plan to do to solidify the PF position?

Sarah: I'd be glad to comment on that. Gerald Wallace looked fantastic with 18 points, 11 rebounds in 3 steals in only 25 minutes.


Moderator:  Oh Jesus! I'm done with this... At this time we'd like to conclude our session with Sarah and thank her for stepping in to answer questions on last night's game. 

-- To the Republican Party: These are just jokes folks, please don't sue me Laughing