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Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets vs. Philadelphia 76ers - Nov 2nd

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76ers (0-3)


Hornets (2-1)

The Charlotte Hornets host the winless Philadelphia 76ers at the Spectrum Center tonight. The team is looking for their first win this season at home. The Hornets look to head the 76ers their 4th straight loss this season, while Philly looks for their first win of the season.

Injury Report:
Philadelphia 76ers Jahlil Okafor, C
Ersan Ilyasova, PF

Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Lamb, SG
Roy Hibbert, C

Game time - 7PM ET from Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina
TV - FOX Sports South-East


    4 minutes left in the half and our 120 million dollar man has STILL not scored 1 single point.
    Down 12 To this group of misfits... sigh.

    I hope Cliff rips them a new one at half this is not how you come out against the 76'ers. How does a NBA team miss this many wide open 3's?

    Vespa luctuosa
    Nov 02 2016 07:01 PM

    Remember, Philly is playing a back to back without Embiid. 



    Nov 02 2016 07:10 PM
    I was about to congratulate everybody else for skipping this garbage half, and then everybody shows up here. Glad I'm not alone in the struggle....

    I'm not sure which was worse our offense or defense in the 1st half. Someone other than Kemba needs to step it up offensively in 2nd half

    Great start to 2nd half! That looked like a 3 from Batum

    Nov 02 2016 07:39 PM
    "I assumed Daro Saric was just a catch-and-shoot guy.."

    Stereotype white players much?
    Nov 02 2016 07:40 PM
    Amazing that Cody can hit those quick teardrops in traffic so well this year but still can't hit wide open 18 footers.
    Nov 02 2016 07:41 PM
    Nic starting to earn that bank!!!
    Nov 02 2016 07:42 PM
    Getting a little kinky with the masseuse talk...
    Batum must have read my comment at halftime. FINALLY!

    Funny that Nic's comment about coach at half indicated he lit into them.  Good to see they responded.  Let's Go Cats!

    Nov 03 2016 07:08 AM

    4 minutes left in the half and our 120 million dollar man has STILL not scored 1 single point.

    that changed fast

    I would have yanked Hawes immediately for trying to dribble the ball upcourt.

    Also would have yanked Batum for next play throwing the ball full court to the other team.

    For being so well coached those were pretty dumb.

    What would Coach Pop have done?

    What would Coach Pop have done?

    I think pulled Shawes, not done anything about the Nico long ball. The former was stupid with low chance of success. The latter was aggressive with more chance of success. Don't think coaches normally penalize aggressive, ESP when it puts the ball on your end of the court and your aren't out of place defensively.

    In Net Rating 6th overall, starters are 2nd, the bench 8th. Fascinated too see what Clifford does when Roy returns. Getting 15-18 productive starters minutes from Roy and Cody....who's looked amazing....solidifying the bench before taking over after the first substitutions each half would be massive.

    STARTERS: 2nd Net, top 10 Off & Def, 1st TO, 2nd asst/to, 3rd Dreb%

    BENCH: 8th Net, top 11 Off & Def, 1st asst/to, 1st asst, 1st TO


    My entire sports worldview hinges on a few things.  1) Terrible Arkansas recruiting. 2) Arkansas media making excuses