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Bobcats defeat Suns in OT

The Charlotte Bobcats defeated the Phoenix Suns in OT behind Stephen Jackson's 30 point game which included a massive 3 pointer to tie it up with 19 seconds left in regulation. In lieu of a lengthy recap ( on my way out of the way out the door to work ) I present to you hilarity from last night's game thread:

  • It's sad. Diaw is so good when he actually wants to be =

  • UPS got fouled twice, I want him to learn to take the ball up stronger. I'll give him a 1/2 on that facial.

  • If Diaw had the drive of most D-Leaguers, he would be an all star.

  • I want Dudley back =(

  • I'd still rather have him then Diaw, but yes Ray Allen and Jared Dudley can get AIDS and die together.

  • I want to add Vince Carter and Aaron Afflalo to list of players who don't do shit until they play the Bobcats...

  • C'mon Bobcats, dont let the refs rob you of a victory

  • "Boris Diaw is a great shot blocker..."...no

  • I *heart* Flip Murray

  • Thank you basketball jesus, another road win for the Cats!!!

  • Wow. That was one fucking amazing game. Holy balls. I love you Stephen Jackson, in every non-homo way possible.

Let's keep this winning feeling going on Friday against Golden State!