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NBA News and Notes: The Phoenix Suns have lost their minds

This afternoon The Phoenix Suns have completed a deal to send Shawn Marion to the Miami Heat in exchange for Shaquille O'neal. The 53 year old Shaq is currently weighing in at a robust 446 pounds and hasn't been completely healthy since the early days of the Richard Nixon administration... Seems like a great fit for Phoenix's run and gun offense to me. Throwing in the fact that Shaq carries a cap figure that would make Bill Gates blush means that this is a lock to go down as the most idiotic trade of all time.

Via azcentral.com , Shaq promises that he will not let Steve Nash Down

Although O'Neal has been out with a hip injury, there is a belief that
he will pass the physical because he is in great condition and is said
to be at 312 pounds (down from his listed 325 pounds) with low body

He seems to be a motivated player too, having jumped on a plane this
morning after talking to several of the Suns, such as Steve Nash and
Amaré Stoudemire, on Tuesday night.

"I will not let you down," O'Neal told Nash on the phone.


In Bobcats news,  The Charlotte Business Journal is reporting that they are closing in on a deal for naming rights for the arena

"We're involved in negotiations, and we're making good progress,"
says Sue Breckenridge, Time Warner Cable vice president of public
affairs. "We're close to finalizing a deal."

She declines to discuss any specifics but says the talks are aimed
at keeping the Bobcats' games available to Time Warner Cable customers.