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Phoenix Suns get Iced by Bobcats

Phoenix Suns. Charlotte Bobcats.
One team led by the aged one, Steve Nash.
The other, led by an up and coming point guard, DJ Augustin.
One winner. Bobcats.

Dramatic wasn’t it. Okay so it wasn’t, but I realized before my blogs were getting boring and monotonous. You wouldn’t want to tap that, let alone read it. So I’m just going to throw whatever comes through this big ole head of mine into this blog. Sounds good? Awesome, because I think really randomly.

So where do I start. Lets start with the big man in the middle, aka Kwame Brown. Let’s just say he’s been impressive of late, as he calls it ‘being big in the paint’ and really is growing leaps and bounds. Very impressive for a guy who struggled throughout most his career, is it not? Again, the big dude there gave us a double double in 26 minutes. Lovely stuff Kwame. Better than Tyson Chandler? Perhaps not. Cheaper? By far. Plus, he has Oakley tutoring him. Who wouldn't want Oakley tutoring you.

Wallace shot the ball, and sank the ball in the hoop. Lovely stuff Crash, continue to pick up your game please. We all love you when you’re hot and on fire. Please continue that way. Double double for Crash too. Great stuff.

Captain Jack has been mainly slumping for the past few games, shooting us outta games. This time, not so bad. Sure missed a whole load of shots, but tried to do more than just shoot jumpers. He can still elevate too with the alley-oop from DJ.

Diaw, efficient as a heat pump. Blatent NBA2k11 reference there. Diaw loves playing against the suns, not only because of his lovely mattress. Chipped in with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Great stuff Diaw, I still prefer TT to start but you’re really doing well. Can’t believe I said that.

DJ Augustin, double double. He gives me 15/10 every night and I will be a very very happy man. Certainly continuing to grow as a PG, but perhaps could be a bit more ball dominant. Nevertherless his defense needs to improve as well.

Gerald Henderson. Growth of this chap is amazing. Seldom used player to a solid rotation guy. Can hit the mid range jumper, two back to back blocks and is able to spread the floor. Great stuff Hendo. Hit a key basket late in the game to seal it also. Can start to look for him more on offense, especially with him being more aggressive as of late.

Recap of the Phoenix Suns? Nah stuff them. Irrelevant to us. All I’ll say is that Nash was Nash-ty. Yes that was also cliché, but who cares, I’m writing this at 3 A.M so sue me. No really, don’t. I can’t afford legal fees, and most likely you can’t either.

Things to note:Silas has really cut down on his rotation, but playing Crash and Cpt Jack 40+ minutes a game isn’t the way to go. Really hoping that Silas cuts it down, and perhaps gives Kwame Brown more minutes.
Hot: Gerald Henderson in the first half. 4-6, 11 points. Very nice
Not Hot: Gerald Henderson in the second half. 2-6, 4 points. Still hit a key basket late.
Hero of the game: Starters. All scored in double digits. Henderson. Also scored in double digits
Who’s got legs: (in un/loving memory of Tyson 'Got No Legs Bro' Chandler) : Kwame Brown showed some elevation with grabbing some rebounds. Big chap ain’t he. Angry one too when he really wants that board. Showing he can grab boards nicely.
Doesn’t have legs: Robin Lopez. 2 rebounds. 15 minutes. Tough luck kid.
Who’s rolling: DJ had 15/10. Again in double figure scoring, and chucked in a double assist total too. Love the new DJ, in with the old and out with the new.
Who loves playing time: Henderson got 33 minutes. He also scored 15 points. That’s...0.4 points per minute roughly. Not bad for a guy who could barely score last season.

The Good:
- A Win
- Crash is improving
- Captain Jack didn’t shoot us out of the game and isn’t slumping as much
-Fewer turnovers
The Bad:
- Nash-ty
- Gortat too many easy baskets
The Ugly:
- Gortat’s haircut. He has no hair. Get it? You don’t? Oh well, I tried
- Captain Jack has 3 turnovers. Also got another Technical.


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